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Extra-Curricular Activities

ECA Committee Members

ECA Head:


Deputy Head:


Ms. Lee Wai Sze


Ms. Tsea Fung Yee

Mr Chan Hon Wai
Ms Lee Wai Sum              
Ms Lee Wai Yee
Ms Li Lun Mei Susanna
Mr Wong Wai Yip


  1. To enrich the school life of the students and to help them affirm their own value through harmonious school experiences so that they can understand the meaning of whole-person education and all-round learning.
  2. To help students develop social skills and to learn how to get along with others.
  3. To help students eradicate self-centered attitudes through communal activities and to develop their spirit of self-confidence, self- respect, self- discipline as well as respect for others.
  4. To help students learn how to tolerate and coordinate with others, accept others’ opinions, to seek common grounds and to allow for differences and to further develop their concept of community so that they will understand the rights and obligations of the individuals in the community and become aware of their own responsibilities to cultivate civic awareness and concept of democracy.
  5. To help students develop responsible and ethical working attitudes as well as to cultivate skills in organization, leadership, cooperation, assessment, reasoning, problem solving, decision making, planning, communication, innovation, liaison, critical appraisal and self-management.
  6. To provide students with opportunities to assist in developing mentally and physically in the areas of moral, intellectual, physical, community, aesthetic and spiritual education.
  7. To help students make good use of their leisure time and nurture their physical and mental well-being.
  8. To provide students’ life experiences that will better equip them with how to cope with future demands in society.
  9. To enhance good relationships between teachers and students that will in turn be beneficial for both teaching and learning.
  10. To enhance good attitudes in the spirit of Methodist College and improve the students’ sense of belonging to the school.

ECA Training Classes


Japanese (Elementary)

Mr Wu Ta Nien

Japanese (Intermediate)

Mr Wu Ta Nien


Mr. Chan Sau Nam

Art & Design

Mr. Chan Sau Nam


Mr. Chan Sau Nam

Computer Graphics

Mr. Lam Chi On

Caricature and graphic design

Mr. Chan Chun Shing


Sun Taekwondo Club 


Mr. Ma Choi Chong

Jazz Funk and Hip Hop

Ms. Tai Tsz Kwan

Creative Music

Ms. Ho Tammy Quan Wai

Instrumental Classes


Acoustic/Classical Guitar (Elementary)

Mr. Ng Kee Lun/
Mr. Cheung Wai Fung

Acoustic/Classical Guitar (Intermediate)

Mr. Ng Kee Lun/
Mr. Cheung Wai Fung

Violin/Viola (Elementary)

Ms. Wong Suet Yee/
Mr. Woo Chi Wing

Violin/Viola (Intermediate)

Ms. Wong Suet Yee/
Mr. Woo Chi Wing

Flute (Elementary)

Ms. Tai Cin Man

Flute (Intermediate)

Ms. Tai Cin Man

Clarinet (Elementary)

Ms Sardonna Cho

Clarinet (Intermediate)

Ms Sardonna Cho

Saxophone (Elementary)

Ms Sardonna Cho

Saxophone (Intermediate)

Ms Sardonna Cho

Dizi (Elementary)

Mr. Chan Hiu Ning

Dizi (Intermediate)

Mr. Chan Hiu Ning

Guzheng (Elementary)

Ms. Yam Ka Man

Guzheng (Intermediate)

Mr. Yam Ka Man

Drum (Elementary)

Mr. Tsang Hon Ho

Drum (Intermediate)

Mr. Tsang Hon Ho

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Clubs and Societies


Name 學會名稱 Advisors(* Chief) 
Business, Accounting and Financial Studies (BAFS) and Economics  Society 財務管理與經濟學會 Ms. Li Lun Mei Susanna
Ms. Lau Yin Ling*
Board Games Club 棋藝學會 Mr. Yeung Sik Ming
Chinese History Society 國史學會 Ms. Tsea Fung Yee
Home Economics Society 家藝學會 Ms. Sparrow Michele Louise*
Ms. Lau Ka Po Natalie
Library Club 圖書館管理學會 Ms. Tsui Yeuk Ping Jasmin
Mathematics Society 數學學會 Ms. Yick Doi Pei*
Mr. Leung Kwok Keung
Music Society 音樂學會 Mr. Lee Wai Sze
Science Society 科學學會 Ms. Lau Lai Man*,
Mr. Lam Pak Nin,
Mr. Chong Chi Shing,
Ms. Law Wan Sze Cecilia,
Ms. Hung Pui Wah
Visual Arts Society 美術學會 Ms. Lee Wai Yee



Student Organizations and Teams


Student Organizations


2019-2020 Advisors (* Chief)

Audio Visual Technical Group


Tang Shing Lok

Big Brothers and Big Sisters Program


Ngai Man Hon

Careers Ambassadors


Ho Shuk Han

Civic Education Group


Wong Kam Fu*, Kwok Wing Yi
Cheung Man Hing Karen

ECA Ambassadors


Lee Wai Sze, Tsea Fung Yee

English Ambassadors


Sparrow Michele Louise*
Lau Ka Po Natalie

Environmental Protection Group


Lam Hiu Chun

Girl Guides


Ma Chui Yan

MC Literary Task ForceC


Ng Sheung Chun*, Lam Hiu Chun, Chong Yiu Man



Siu Ping Lun*, Chan Hing Lam,
Wong Wai Yip

Photography Group


Chan Hing Lam

Putonghua Group


Ko Siu Man

Prefects’ Board


Wong Man Fung

Wesley Publication


Wong Wai Ping Alison*, Lee Wai Sum, Sparrow Michele Louise, Li Hoi Sai,
Ng Sum Yi

The Wind Publication


Ng Sheung Chun* (Chi)
Sparrow Michele Louise (Eng)

Red Cross


Fung Tsz Suet*, Siu Ping Lun

School Ambassadors


Tang Chi Wai



Wong Wing Sze*, Au Yeung Lik

Sports Union


Chan Hon Wai*, Lai Hiu Yee

Student Christian Fellowship


Tsang Ka Fai*, Poon Kin Yan,
Lam Ka Yi

Student Union’s Advisory Board


Chan Hon Wai, Siu Ping Lun,
Li Siu Kei, Chiu Ka Wai,
Wong Kam Fu, Kwok Wing Yi

Voluntary Service


Lau Chi Chiu*, Tsang Yuet Man, Sem Mary Lok Yan


School Teams


2019-2020 Advisors (* Chief)

Aquatic Team


Chan Hon Wai

Archery Team

射箭隊 (男女)

Kan Chung Yan*, Kwok Wing Yi

Athletic Team

田徑隊 (男女)

Chan Hon Wai

Badminton Team

羽毛球隊 (男女)

Lai Hiu Yee

Basketball Team

籃球隊 (男)

Chan Hon Wai

Chinese Debate Team


Sem Mary Lok Yan*, Li Siu Kei

English Debate Team


Wong Wai Chung*, Sparrow Michele Louise, Tang Chi Wai

Chinese Drama Team


Tsang Yuet Man

Dodgeball Team

閃避球隊 (男女)

Lai Hiu Yee

English Drama Team


Sparrow Michele Louise*,
Liu Shuk Wan Daisy

Football Team

足球隊 (男)

Siu Ping Lun, Ngai Man Hon

Mathematics Team


Yick Doi Pei

Robotics School Team


Siu Ping Lun

Rock Band


Lee Wai Sze

School Choir


Ho Wing Fei

School Orchestra


Lee Wai Sze

Scrabble Team


Yan Suk Yee Stella

Table Tennis Team

乒乓球隊 (男女)

Lai Hiu Yee

Volleyball Team

排球隊 (男女)

Lai Hiu Yee


One Sport One Art Programme


All F1 and F2 students are required to join the program while F3 students are encouraged to join. Students are expected to take at least one “major” in the sport or art category and one minor in the other category.


“Major” refers to School Teams, SEN training classes or School training classes. 


“Minor” refers to taking part in a sport or art event as a competitor or performer. 



Sport Development


Art Development


School Sports Teams,

SEN training classes,

Corresponding Training Classes


Drama, School Music Teams,

SEN training classes,

Corresponding Training Classes

(Competitor or Performer)

Sports Day Event 

Inter-school Competitions

Variety Show

Speech / Music Festivals

Inter-school Competitions (writing, drama, debate etc.)

Completion Criteria

Period: From 4th September 2020 to 20th May 2021

  • ECA Training Classes / School Team attendance 70%


  • Participate in at least one event


Follow up

  • Students will be encouraged to join competitions. Details of the competitions will be posted on the e-notice.
  • The school will monitor students’ records in terms of enrolment & attendance.
  • For Form 1 and 2 students, the interim report will show the attendance rate of their major.
  • For Form 1 and 2 students, the words ‘Complete / Incomplete to finish the program’ will be printed on the final term report to indicate whether they have fulfilled the criteria. For Form 3 students, the words ‘Complete the program’ will be printed on the final report for those who have fulfilled the criteria.