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Guidance Committee 2021-2022

Guidance Head:  Miss Wong Man Fung, Mr. Ng Yeung 

Members:         Miss Cheung Man Hing

                         Miss Kan Chung Yan

                         Miss Lam Hiu Chun

                         Mr. Lam Chi Wai

                         Miss Lee Wai Sum

                         Miss Ma Chui Yan

                         Miss Man Hiu Wa



  1. To develop a sense of responsibility and self-discipline for students.
  2. To help students aspire to high standards of personal behaviour in the major domains of cognitive, social and affective.
  3. To develop and support teachers in professional classroom management.
  4. To offer support to students with special education needs.
  5. To develop personal growth programme for junior form students.

Major functions of the year



Prefects’ Board 2020-2021


Head Prefect

5B Xing Hoi Mei

5B Lau Trelan





5B Chiu Tin Yan

5B Hung Kwan

5G Chan Yi Wan

5G Lee Wing Sum

5R Fan Mei Yin

4B Cheng Wing Chi

4G Kwok Pak Tung






5G Au Hiu Ki

5R Chan Yee Wing

4G Huang Haixiang

4B Mak Hoi Lam

4R Yuen Long Yi

4G Shih Pui Ki Paggie



5R Qian Queenie

5W Lo Yan Tung

4B Lok Mun Wa

4B Suen Yeun Tung

4B Yip Wing Him

4B Ghale Nikal

4G Kwong Wing Ka

4G Law Nga Lam

4G Li Cheuk Kiu

4G Sit Kwan Yi

4G Lau Kiu

4R Lam Yuk Yu

4R Liu Shing Chun

4R Wong Wing Hei

4W Ng Yu Ching

4W Tong Shing Hei

3G Tsang Man Hung

3R Lau Ka Wing

3R Yeun Lok Tung

3R Chan Ka Kit Alex

3R Cheung Yung Chit

3R Leung Yuen Hong Michael

3R Tan Wenfeng

3W Huang Ka Kiu

3W Lai Hiu To Athena

3W Leung Wing Yi
3W Li Shun Yan

3W Poon Cheuk Laam

3W Sin Cheuk Wing

3W Sze Wing Tung

3W Chan Wai Kit

3W Li Chun Hei Adrian

3W Li Yuen Yip 3W Wong Chak To



  • To enforce school rules.
  • To maintain the general order in school.
  • To promote good manners and good behaviour in school.
  • To serve fellow schoolmates.



  • Prefects are role models for other students to follow. Prefects must abide school regulations.
  • Prefects must arrive on duty punctually.
  • Prefects must ensure impartiality of justice.


General Duties

  •  Patrol the school campus during recess and lunch time.
  •  Maintain the general order in school assembly.
  •  Work on special school functions including Sports Day and Parents Day.
  •  Responsible for checking uniform for the whole school.


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