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Mr. LEUNG Chi Shun (Supervisor)   梁智信先生
Rev. HO Wai Yee, Winnie (Chaplain)   何慧儀牧師
Ms. WONG Kan (Hon. Treasurer)   王瑾女士
Ms. LAM Fung Lai, Philip   林豐禮先生
Ms. LEE Shun King   利順琼女士
Rev. LEUNG Chi Kwong   梁慈光牧師
Mr. NG Kin Yuen   吳健源先生
Ms. NG Wai Chu   伍蕙珠女士
Mr. WONG Chok Keung   王作強先生
Dr. WONG Stephen Ka Hon   黃家漢醫生
Mr. WONG Tsz Chun, Kevin   黃旨雋先生
Rev. WONG Yuk Chee, Peter   王玉慈牧師
Ms. WOO Lai Ping, Agatha (Alternate)   胡麗萍女士

Principal & Hon. Sec.

Ms. WONG Pui Yi, Emily   黃珮儀校長

Teacher Manager

Mr. LI Siu Kei   李兆基老師

Alternate Teacher Manager

Mr. LAM Pak Nin   林柏年副校長

Parent Manager

Ms. WAN Chung Yan   温頌恩女士

Alternate Parent Manager

Ms. LEE Hoi Yi, May   李凱兒女士

Alumni Managers (Dec 2023 - Dec 2024)

Mr. YUEN Wing Kan   袁穎勤先生
Mr. FUNG Wang Yuen   馮宏遠先生
Mr. YAN Kwing Hung   甄烱雄先生

Independent Managers

Mr. CHAN Yue Chun   陳宇俊先生
Dr. KONG Chi Kwan   江志群醫生


Rev. YU Yan Ming (Head of School Education Division, MCHK)   余恩明牧師
Rev. KAN Kei Piu (Deputy Head of School Education Division, MCHK)   簡祺標牧師
Rev. LAM Chun, Tim (President of MCHK)   林津牧師
Dr. CHEN Chung I, Raymond (Vice-President of MCHK & Immediate Past Supervisor)   陳崇一醫生
Ms. CHAN Shuk Ying (IMC-appointed)   陳淑英校長
Mr. SUNG Sai Ping (IMC-appointed)   宋世平先生
Prof. LAM Yin Mun, Edmund (IMC-appointed)   林彥民教授

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Staff List



Teaching Staff (2023-24)


Information on Teaching Staff (2023-24)

The College has a teaching staff of 56 including the Principal.  The qualifications and teaching experiences of all teaching staff are as below:



Bachelor Degree: 100%
Teacher Certificate / Diploma in Education: 96%

Master / Doctorate Degree or above: 64.3%
Special Education Training: 35.7%

Teaching Experiences

0-4 Years: 17.9%

5-9 Years: 12.5%

10 Years or Above: 69.6%



Staff Development Team

Professional development allows teachers to keep up to date on curriculum development and the latest teaching strategies.  Teachers undergo continuous learning can enhance their knowledge, skills and abilities and develop positive values for the benefit of students.

The Staff Development Team strives to provide a supportive environment that inspires the teaching staff to develop to their full potential and to promote teachers’ professionalism.



Event Highlights

  • Orientation and mentoring for new teachers: offer support and guidance to new teachers
  • Seminars, talks and workshops: invite different speakers for professional sharing to enhance learning and teaching and school effectiveness
  • Experience sharing sessions: invite teachers to share their valuable experience in teaching
  • Team building: enable teachers to work well together towards a common goal
  • Maintain teachers’ CPD records and carry out the appraisal exercises