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Support to Non-Chinese Speaking Students


Education Support for Non-Chinese Speaking(NCS) Students:

Support for NCS in our school:
1. An additional teaching assistant to assist in supporting NCS students’ learning of Chinese and creating an inclusive learning environment in the school
2. Additional and appropriate Chinese Language learning materials; after-school tutorials; online platform for Chinese language learning and resources; pull-out learning and group learning during Chinese language lessons; special assessment and homework arrangement
3. Home-school cooperation through parent’s consultation sessions; cultural integration activities to promote the Chinese culture

非華語學生的教育支援 :

1. 聘請額外教學助理,以協助教師支援非華語學生學習中文及建構共融校園。
2. 提供額外及適切的中文學習教材;提供課後中文學習支援及課堂;建構網上學習中文平台及資源;在中文課堂進行抽離學習、小組學習;特別測考及功課調適。
3. 推廣家校合作,舉辦家長諮詢環節;推廣中華文化,舉辦文化共融活動。



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