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Message from the Principal

Message from the Principal


Welcome to our website, where we are happy to share with you the various facets and news about us.  Though our school life and heritage is too rich to be covered in this limited space, you will get at least glimpses of our vibrant activities and our students’ all-round achievements.


Throughout the past decades, the College has produced a lot of fond memories for us to treasure, as well as a rich pool of alumni who are now serving the community in various fields and capacities. Here in the Methodist College family, we are characterized by loving and caring relationships and the pursuit of truth, knowledge and wisdom under the guidance of God, our Creator. We are grateful to our parents, alumni, past teachers and friends, who have rendered tremendous support to us both financially and practically. We are also indebted to the Kowloon Methodist Church for their unconditional support and spiritual guidance.


As an EMI school with a history of academic excellence, we build on our solid foundation to engender a good and language-rich environment for our students, where their moral character is built and their global vision is developed. As a Christian school established by the Methodist Church, we are here to live out our mission: 


To develop whole-person education based on Christian principles, and To nurture wholesome life through the preaching of the Gospel


Emily Wong Pui Yi