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Careers & Life Planning Committee

Careers Mistress:


Miss HO Shuk Han


Careers Deputy:


Miss CHEUNG Man Hing, Karen                


Careers Teachers: 








Mr. LAM Chi Wai

Mr. LO Chun Siu

Mr. LUK Cheuk Fai

Ms. MA Chung Hin

Ms. TSANG Yuet Man

Ms. WONG Sau Ki

Ms. YAO Tsz Yan

(Ms. YEUNG Man Yu)




Careers Ambassadors 2023-2024

Post Name
President SZE Wing Tung, Tera 5B
Vice-president (Senior section) NG Lok Lam 5G
Vice-president (Junior section) FU Ka Chuen Kendrew 4G
Executive Assistant CHEUNG ka Yin 4G
General Assistant CHAN Kwan Ho Harold 3R
Helper LEUNG Yin Lam 5B
Helper FONG Miu Hung 5G
Helper LEUNG Wing Yi 5G

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The Careers and Life Planning Committee is dedicated to organizing a diverse range of programs and activities aimed at helping our students prepare for their future careers.


Our development plan encompasses the following objectives:


1.      To address the primary concerns outlined in the school development plan and meet the needs of students and parents by providing comprehensive careers support.

2.      To assist students in making well-informed choices regarding their career paths and further study options.

3.      To offer guidance to parents on counseling their children regarding career and further study decisions, including strategies for managing the physical and emotional needs of their children during the lead-up to public examinations and the release of results. Additionally, we provide information about available resources in society such as organizations and websites that can support parents in this process.

4.      To implement the Careers Ambassadors Programme, aiming to cultivate our students as modest, caring, and knowledgeable leaders of the new era.

5.      To introduce the MCareers Programme, which helps our current students gain insights into the working world and encourages them to start contemplating their life goals.


By focusing on these aspects, we aim to provide comprehensive support to our students and parents, equipping them with the necessary resources and guidance to make informed decisions about their future careers and studies.


Local Opportunities: We provide extensive information about tertiary institutes in Hong Kong through talks, visits, posters, pamphlets, books, videos, and online resources.

Overseas Opportunities: We offer valuable information about overseas institutes through talks, videos, posters, pamphlets, books, and online resources.

Group Sessions: We conduct group counseling programs that enable students to make informed decisions about further studies, careers, and study skills.

Individual Sessions: We provide one-on-one counseling services to students, assisting them in making personalized choices regarding further studies and careers.

Parent Support: We offer counseling services specifically tailored for parents, ensuring they receive the guidance they need in supporting their children's career and further study endeavors.


Activities include: Activities include:

1. Talks from the following organizations:

   1.1. Tertiary institutes

   1.2. The Vocational Training Council

   1.3. Overseas institutes or their Hong Kong representatives

2. Visits to the following organizations: 

   2.1. Campus visits to tertiary institutes

   2.2. Open Days of tertiary institutes

   2.3. Companies (both private or public sectors)

   2.4. Exhibitions for further studies overseas (e.g. in the Hong Kong Exhibition Centre)

3. To offer career advice to students who take up practical/vocational subjects in NSS:

   3.1. Applied Learning Courses

4. Seminars/programmes and group counseling sessions: 

   4.1. S1–S6 Careers Education

   4.2. S3 Careers Day

   4.3. S3 Parents' Night

   4.4. Applied Learning Courses briefing

   4.5. NSS Dissemination

   4.6. Information dissemination to S3-S6 parents

   4.7. S6: JUPAS briefing

   4.8. S6: JUPAS consultation

   4.9. S6: Briefing of HKDSE Result Release

   4.10. S6: Consultation on HKDSE Result Release

   4.11. Alumni Sharings4.12. Job Sharings

   4.13. Interviewing Techniques, Mock Interviews and Mock Result Release Workshop

   4.14. JUPAS sub-system: School Principal Nomination Scheme

   4.15. Admission Talks by tertiary institutions

   4.16. MCareers Programme

           (For details, please refer to the web page of MCareer Programme)

   4.17. Careers and Life Planning (CLP) Lessons:

            S4-S6 (Regular meetings for 2-X classes), S1-S3 (by projects)

5. Students Recommendation  

   5.1. Preparation of school recommendation letters 

   5.2. Nomination of local and overseas scholarships

6. Compilation of Statistics 

   6.1. Statistics of HKDSE will be compiled and disseminated



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