Let us fill the College with the spirit of giving!

For six decades, Methodist College has been providing quality education to thousands regardless of their family means. As an aided school that does not charge a school fee, the College strives to grow and excel within the confines of inadequate government funds. It is our belief that the quality of education we provide should not be compromised by such limitations. With faith in God our ultimate provider, and our trust that Methodist education has created a large group of grateful alumni who are willing to give back to the College, we take this great occasion of our Diamond Jubilee to launch this 60th Anniversary Fundraising Campaign.


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Donor Recognition

Diamond Donors
( $1,000,000 or above )

Gold Donors
( $500,000 or above)

Silver Donors
( $250,000 or above)

+ Individual Plaque ( A )

Name on Donor Wall at Entrance Lobby ( B ) 

Name on 60th Anniversary Plaque, Wesley & Website ( C )

Bronze Donors
( $60,000 or above)

+ Name on Donor Wall at Entrance Lobby ( B ) 

+ Name on 60th Anniversary Plaque, Wesley & Website ( C )

Crystal Donors
( $6000 or above )

+ Name on 60th Anniversary Plaque, Wesley & Website ( C )

  • ( A ) An individual A3/A4 commemorative plaque will be placed at an agreed location on campus.
  • ( B ) The donor’s name will appear on a Donor Wall at the Entrance Lobby.
  • ( C ) The donor’s name will appear on a 60th Anniversary Commemorative Plaque, on the School Magazine Wesley, and on the 60th Anniversary Website.