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Panel Member
Ms. Lau Lai Man (Panel Chair)
Mr. Chong Chi Shing
Ms. Law Wan Sze Cecilia
Mr. Lam Ka Yee
Ms. Wong Yuen Yee
Mr. Au Yeung Lik
Mr. Tang Shing Lok (Lab. tech.)
Ms. Hung Pui Wah (Lab. Tech.)

Curriculum Objectives

A.    Knowledge and understanding

        Students will be able to demonstrate knowledge and understanding in relation to
        1. some phenomena, facts and concepts in science
        2. some scientific vocabulary and terminology
        3. spsome applications of science in society and students' everyday life

B.    Scientific method and problem solving skills

        Students will be able to
        1. ask relevant questions, suggest ideas and make predictions
        2. select and apply facts and concepts learnt to solve problems
        3. propose hypotheses and devise methods for testing them
        4. analysis data, draw conclusions and make further predictions

C.    Laboratory techniques

        Students will be able to
        1. handle apparatus and chemicals safely and properly
        2. carry out instructions for experiments
        3. observe and describe objects and experimental results accurately
        4. select appropriate apparatus and suggest experimental procedures

D.    Communication skills

        Students will be able to
        1. manipulate simple numerical and other data
        2. interpret scientific information from data presented in diagrammatic, numerical, tabular and graphical forms
        3. organize and present information in a clear and orderly manner
        4. communicate scientific ideas and values with one another

E.    Decision making skills

        Students will be able to make objective judgments based on data and arguments presented with scientific, ethical,
        economic, political and social considerations

F.    Attitude

        Students should
        1. develop curiosity and interest in science
        2. be aware of the importance of the safety of oneself and others in the laboratory and be committed to safe practices
            in daily life
        3. develop an awareness of scientific advancement and its social, economic, environmental and technological implications
        4. be willing to communicate and comment on issues related to science and respect the decisions of others
        5. show concern for the care of the environment and a willingness to contribute to it

G.    Self-directed learning skill

        Students should
        1. develop effective memorization skills, i.e. graphic organizer
        2. be aware of the importance of self-regulation through regular review on learning progress

Lesson topics


1.    Introducing Science
2.    Looking at Living Things
3.    Energy
4.    The Wonderful Solvent - Water
5.    Matter as Particles


1.    Living Things and Air
2.    Making Use of Electricity
3.    Space Travel
4.    Common Acids and Alkalis
5.    Sensing the Environment

Activity Record

  • Science and I.T activities

    1. Rocket car competition (13/9/2018)

    Ready to start

    Participants and their products

    Using heating line for cutting

    1. Science Society Orientation Day(24/10/2018)

    Group photo of Science Society Orientation Day participants, the committee members and teacher advisors

    Participants enjoyed the experiment so much

    1. Open Day game stall (15/12/2018)

    Making “Mystery Bead Bottle” under teacher’s instruction

    Observing cells under a microscope

    Observing the experimental result

    Showing the experimental result to the visitors

    1. “Project Learning & Scientific Inquiry Courses” called “Probing the water” (11/2/2019)


    Discovering different species in the river

    Collecting samples for investigation

    1. LAC in Science Activity (17/5/2019)

    Matching Game

    Finishing the task for boiling water

    Setting up a BBQ fire to boil water

    1. Experience Day (28/6/2019)

    Observing onion cells under a microscope

    Balance bird experience





    1. Smart City Project

    The team

    Having fun with technology

    1. Race for the line Hong Kong season 2 (7/4/2019)

    The teams and their rocket cars

    1. The IET Faraday Challenge Days 2019 (25/5/2019)

    Designing the product

    The team and their product

Preview of Activities

1.         “LAC in Science” Activity
2.         S1 Science project competition
3.         S2 Science project competition
4.         “Fruitful Field Study Course” called “The Microscopic World”
5.         Interschool Science competition: HK Paper Airplane Contest 2017
6.         Gifted education program: STEM activities (S1-S3 potential students)