Panel Members

Panel Head

Ms Liu Shuk Wan, Daisy

Deputy Head

Mr. Tang Chi Wai, Desmond


Ms Chan Kwan Ying, Phoebe
Ms Ho Wing Fei, Grace
Ms Lau Ka Po, Natalie
Ms Lee Wai Sum, Angela
Ms Lee Wai Sze, Grace
Ms Ng Sum Yi, Sammi
Ms Tsui Yeuk Ping, Jasmin
Mr. Wong Wai Chun, Sunny
Ms Wong Wai Ping, Alison
Ms Yan Suk Yee, Stella


Ms Sparrow, Michele Louise



The English Department provides students with tailor-made curriculum to enhance their language competencies. The English Language Curriculum provides learners with learning experiences to increase their language proficiency for study, work, leisure and personal enrichment; develop their knowledge, skills, values and attitudes; and promote lifelong learning so as to enhance their personal and intellectual development, cultural understanding and global competitiveness.


Features of the English Program at Methodist College

The English Department is very active and proactive. Through self analysis and monitoring, the department is continuously enhancing the programme it offers the students at Methodist College.

There are a number of unique features of our English Department which we feel makes our English programme appealing and successful. Our dedicated faculty is diverse in educational and life experiences and many are advanced degree holders. All panel members are experienced English teachers who are able to offer support to our programme and introduce many new teaching strategies and provide authentic and innovative English opportunities for our students.