Panel Members

Panel Chair

Miss Lee Wai Yee

Panel Member

Mr Fu King Yeung


The general aim of Visual Arts is to provide students with a balanced art curriculum and diversified art learning experience.

General goals

  • To develop students, perceptual abilities, with special emphasis on visual aesthetic and arts experience
  • To enable students to express personal feelings and thoughts through artistic presentations
  • To develop students’ visual cognition, generic skills and metacognition through art making, appreciation and criticism
  • To broad students’ perspectives through exploration of the arts of diverse cultures
  • To cultivate students’ emotions, personal refinement, morals and sense of commitment towards the nation and the world


  • To nurture students' creativity and flexibility
  • To nurture students' the ability of criticism
  • To develop an approach which integrates students' learning in the art, so that they acquire holistic and deeper understanding among art and other KLAs
  • To adopt a student-centered approach which supports students to acquire knowledge and skills and apply them in authentic contexts
  • To foster appreciation of different cultures through contextual learning
  • To choose appropriate methods and tools in developing art
  • To understand and recognize the relation between art and society
  • To encourage students to participate in a variety of art activities to broaden their vision