Our Physics teachers are very experienced and always explore different strategies in teaching and helping students undertake the challenges of the Physics curriculum in the public examination.

In order to stimulate students’ interest and motivation for learning, everyday contexts for deeper understanding and relevancy are introduced. Through the learning of Physics, students will acquire conceptual and procedural knowledge relevant to their daily lives. Apart from acquiring content knowledge, our curriculum also emphasizes and develops our students, so that they can integrate and apply their knowledge and skills in problem-solving and even design inventions with hands-on experience. Therefore, our teachers always provide different opportunities for senior forms students to organize and run STEM/Physics counters. Besides, students gifted in STEM/Physics are also selected and coached to join external STEM/Physics competitions.

STEM/Physics Activities and Competitions

  1. STEM/Physics Activities

Group photo of the winners

Using straws and thin cotton threads to construct a platform to support weights

Amazing Burning Tea Bag

2. STEM/Physics counters for primary school students

(a) Pre-S1 Info Day

Simulation of keyhole surgery

“Conductive ink” Experience: When the organic solvent dries up, the metal powder will be left on the paper.

Demonstrating the pendulum wave

Primary 6 students showing their own motor

Motor DIY

(b) Experience Day for primary 5 students

Using a clay doll to explain the concept of heat

Making a balancing bird

(c) F.4 Joint School English Activity Day with Methodist School

Making a tower

Making a plasticine boat to hold as many paper clips as possible, without letting the boat sink.

Arranging the blocks as shown in the given pictures

Using some matches, a rope, a plastic bag and a bottle of water to hang as many water bottles in the bag.

(d) STEM counters at Yaumati Catholic Primary School

Teachers and helpers

Making a “Mystery Bead Bottle”

3. External STEM Competitions

(a) The Hong Kong Youth Science and Technology Innovation Competition

The team and their booth

The team was awarded the second-runner up in the competition

An energy-harvesting floor

(b) Hong Kong Student Science Project Competition

The team and their booth

Their product

(c) Secondary Schools Bridge Demonstration Competition 2018

The team and their product

Prize presentation

(d) Hong Kong and Macau Interschool Straw Competition 2013 - City Aims

Competitors designing and making their launcher