Methodist College

Annual School Plan 2007-2008

Theme of the year: Be a Responsible Citizen through Five Actions: Pray, Read, Rejoice, Share and Serve

Major concern one: Spiritual revival and school culture


Time scale

Success criteria

Methods of evaluation

People responsible

Resources required

1.      School chaplain and form chaplain lead evangelist work ;

2.      Refine religious education curriculum;

3.      Strengthen Christian student network and leadership training;

4.      Develop a teacher prayer network and a caring sharing community;

5.      Develop Christian parent fellowship;

6.  Strengthen ties with the Church and increase student participation in church organized activities.



Enhanced religious climate




Assistant school chaplain,

Morning time assembly

LWL lessons

Campus TV






Major Concern Two: Life Education – Building a Character School  

1.        Implement character building programs;

2.        Implement life education through reading;

3.        Enhance home-school cooperation;

4.        Strengthen connection with alumni, tapping resources for life sharing and careers education.

5.        Strengthen role of class teachers and Form Coordinators



Teachers, students and parents have increased understanding of good character and show improvements in character building   


Statistics from


Life Ed team;

Student Development Team

Reading materials;

Staff development;

Class teachers’ time;

LWL lessons;

Campus TV 


Major Concern Three: To develop subject excellence – improve performance in public exams

1. Develop the Language Across Curriculum Programs at all levels in all subjects

1.1. Refine the Form One Bridging Program- Phonics using science texts

1.2. Refine the Form One English in Science Program

1.3. Pilot the Form One English in Geography program

1.4. Pilot vocabulary building program

1.5. Pilot Chinese content area reading program

1.6. Pilot the English content area reading program

1.7. Develop summary writing and academic essay writing programs in History, Geography, Biology, and LS



Increased vocabulary power

Improved public exam results in Chinese, English, Geography, History and Biology

Vocabulary tests;

Public exam results;

Internal exam results 



2. Refine the ERS program

2.1. Subject based core reading lists disseminated to students and parents

2.2. Develop the English newspaper reading program as part of ERS

2.3. Refine the ERS assessment system for senior levels

2.4. Refine the Reading Activity Day program

2.5. Strengthen the role of Form Reading Teacher



Students read widely systematically


ERS team

Reading Time;

Reading Activity Day;

Set books

3. Develop subject-based enrichment and remedial programs

3.1. Enrichment classes for F.4-5

3.2. Remedial classes for core subjects F.1-5  

3.3. Differentiated curriculum for different ability groups at junior levels i.e. Maths, Chinese, English

3.4. Implement the after school homework tutoring program for junior form students.



Improved academic performance

Internal and external exam results

Subject and department heads


4. Strengthen staff development

4.1. CPDG conducts lesson observation and students’ works sharing

4.2. develop lesson plan and classroom teaching sharing platform in eclass

4.3. Teachers improve subject knowledge, teaching design and lesson delivery through higher degree study

4.4. Pilot teacher mentoring program

4.5. middle managers learn basic management skills


Improved teaching design and delivery

Materials and lesson review

RDD team members;

Subject/ department heads 

Staff development time

5. Strengthen department management

5.1. conduct FOUR students’ works sharing workshops in collaboration with members (dept head)  

5.2. refine homework guide for class teachers compiling (subject head)

5.3. design, complete and submit students’ works inspection report to Principal (depart head)

5.4. Resources -- curriculum, teaching design and students’ works sharing system and e-platform


Raised standards in assignment designs & feedback



Materials review;


Survey (SSE)

RDD team;

Subject/ department heads

Staff development time; department workshops

6. Block time for exam practice for form seven (Saturday morning)


Students have better time management and exam skills

Improved AL results


F7 coordinator

Teachers take turn for duties

7. Prepare for NSS elective modules







Major Concern Four: Improve administration efficiency

1. Improve work scheduling


 Saved time, energy, less conflicts & improved relationship




2. Improve assessment report production



3. Improve coordination, communication and work flow in school functions and daily operation



4. refine the teacher handbook



5. Full time IT coordinator to manage and develop the information management system





6. General Administration Committee (GAC) replaces Central Committee – membership expanded




Weekly meeting