Ethics and Religous Education
Panel members

Mr. Tsang Ka Fai (Panel Chair)
Ms. Wong Wing Sze
Mr. Lam Pak Nin


  • To stimulate students' interest in knowing more about Christian faith, thus facilitating them to know more about themselves
  • To help students to develop Christian values that contribute to the betterment and well-being of mankind
  • To cultivate a positive, loving and caring culture in school

Lesson topics

Forms 1

- knowing about myself
- knowing about our college, the Kowloon Methodist Church and the School Sponsoring Body.
- knowing about the Bible and the Lord’s prayer

Forms 2

- knowing about Jesus and His works
- learning about important ethical values, e.g. empathy

Forms 3

- knowing about world religious faith and moral ethics
- learning about ethical issues, e.g. friendship and love, sex and family, etc.

Forms 4

- investigating the value of our life
- learning how to live a wholesome life

Forms 5

- establishing our social life: the searching of love

Forms 6

- learning how to cope with stress
- knowing about life and death