Religious Activities
Report on Religious Activities 2016-2017

In the last academic year, our theme was “Touch”. (生命的觸碰)  We held the following activities.  For regular activities, we have religious assemblies on Day 1, four SCF meetings on Friday after school, morning prayers and Bible sharing time in each form’s morning line-up session, morning prayer meeting every Wednesday, F1 Alpha course and Alpha camp, Easter SCF camp as well as the Evangelistic week.


For the evangelistic week, the theme was “Loving people whole-heartedly” (用心愛的人).  We have morning prayer meeting every day in that period.  A gospel movie show and two gospel tea gatherings were arranged for students.  We have invited two Christians from Kowloon Methodist Church to share their faith during assembly. 


An Easter SCF Camp was held from 19th –21st April, 2017 at Po Leung Kuk Pak Tam Chung Holiday Camp.  There were 36 students, 4 teachers and 2 Church co-workers who participated in it.  It was a memorable and meaningful event.  Students had a good opportunity to experience and share their Christian faith.


Besides, we also held Alpha course and Alpha camp for F1 students.  The F1 Alpha course was held at lunch time every Day 3 during September to December.  It provided F1 students with valuable opportunities to know and understand more about Christianity. There were 38 F1 students participating in this course. Meanwhile, the F1 Alpha camp was also from 25th – 26th November, 2016 at Mui Wo Methodist Retreat Centre. There were 22 F1 students participating in this camp. 3 of them pledged their faith in God.      


Last but not least, we also held various small groups for F2 to F6 students during September to May.  It was aimed at providing spiritual guidance and Christian fellowship for students so as to facilitate them to grow healthy and happily.

Students were praying together during the evangelistic week.

Students were making the “theme’s puzzle” in evangelistic week

2016-17 F1 Alpha Camp participants


2016-17 SCF Easter Camp participants