Form One Fun Learning Activity Day (30 April 2013) ‹ BACK
With very positive feedback from previous years regarding the Fun Learning Activity Day, all students in 1B, 1G and 1W once again were invited to hold reading activities for Primary 1 to 3 students in PLK Lam Man Chan English School this year.

Our students started their preparation in April during English lessons. The preparation included preparing a feasible lesson plan, worksheets, games and answer keys for the story book assigned to each group. Throughout the process, students learnt how to plan a lesson with a variety of learning activities including pre-reading, while-reading and post-reading as consolidation. Given practical and useful advice by their English teachers, our F.1 students completed all preparations and were ready for the activity in late April.

On the day of the activity, F.1 students were sent to different classes ranging from P1 to P3 in 2 time slots. They had plenty of chances to interact with the primary students by reading together, giving instructions, asking questions and assisting them to complete the worksheets in English. Not only did they improve their spoken English by conducting the lessons, but they also boosted their self-confidence in their role as a ‘little teacher’.

This F.1 Fun Learning Activity Day will surely stay in our students’ memory as a wonderful experience in their school life at Methodist College. With their active participation in the activity a success, it is hoped that all F.1 students will have the chance to participate in similar ‘whole-person development’ activities in future.