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In the second term of the year, form 1 students were again involved in Readers Theatre. An inter-class competition, Readers Theatre is designed to provide students with opportunities to be creative, to work in groups, to write and to perform. Prior to the competition, the students participated in a series of workshops. The activity began in March during Language Arts lessons which were co-taught by our Net teacher, Mr Anderson and all F.1 English teachers.

During the preparation stage, students had the opportunity to view a number of authentic Readers Theatre performances on youtube and to review actual scripts. In addition to improving their English skills, the emphasis of the activity was on team work. Groups of students had to make up their own story with a complete plot structure. Then they had to put the finalized script in their hand-made folders for practice in lessons.

The competition was held in 2 phases. The first phase was an internal competition and the second one was an inter-class competition between the 4 form 1 classes. This part of the competition was successfully held on the 20th of May and the 28th of May during morning line-up sessions in the lower hall. Miss Yan and Mr Anderson were cordially invited to be our adjudicators and had a very challenging but pleasant time choosing winners for Best Voice Projection, Best Script and Best Overall Performance. The winners were 1G, 1B and 1R respectively.

It was wonderful to see the culmination of manly lessons worth of hard work. Well done to all of the form 1 students and their teachers. The students benefited greatly by participating in the Readers Theatre activity. They had the chance to work co-operatively in groups, write imaginative stories and use their voices creatively. We look forward to more enjoyable performances from our new form 1 cohort next year!