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What can be more fun than coming up with crazy ideas and breathing life into them in a production that is both rewarding for yourself and entertaining to others? This is exactly what the Form 3 students did when they took part in the Radio Drama Competition organized by the English Department on the 30th of April.

The competition is held annually to develop students’ ability to understand how the English language works in the context of drama. It also helps them to enhance their oral skills by experimenting with the language in different roles and dramatic contexts.

This year, students wrote a radio drama script on a sequel to the book Matilda. They worked in groups and performed a live radio drama in class. Training was given to students on the projection of voice and script writing. Round one of the competition was held in each class and was followed by an inter-class competition on the 30th of April. Below are the results followed by some reflections.

The Best Projection of Voice: 3G, 3W
The Best Audio Effect: 3R, 3W
The Best Actor: Leo Lai (3B)
The Best Actress: Yetta Lam (3G)
The Best Overall Performance: 3W

We enjoyed the process of writing our own drama script. We worked together and came up with different ideas, which then became the framework of our creative story. Through this activity, we have learned to cooperate with people who we do not always work with and to become team players.

Chow Ho Yau and Ng Ling Yu (3R)

We learned how to act out a character. To do so, you must know the script and the background of the character very well. Then you have to decide the right emotions to convey at the right time. I admire the groups who made the final as they acted in a very lively way and were able to express their characters’ thoughts. Also, the audio effects created the right atmosphere and drew us into the stories.

Man Shi Chung (3R)

As the MC of the event, no matter how excited or nervous I was, I had to stay calm and speak English as confidently and fluently as I could. It was very challenging for me indeed, but I did it!

Tang Yu Tung (3B)

What I enjoyed most about the competition is certainly the use of sounds effects and the tone and volume of our voices to show emotions or even the personalities of the characters. The way that a character speaks reveals a lot about him, so it is quite a challenging yet intriguing task for us.

When a student plays more than one role, he also needs to switch between characters by speaking in a totally different way. This was an interesting learning experience for us.

Cindy Chan (3W)

  • The teams proudly perform their scripts in front of the audience
  • The team from 3W receives the Best Overall Performance Award.
  • Yetta Lam (right) carries away the Best Actress Award.
  • Leo Lai (right), the Best Actor, works seamlessly with his team.
  • The team from 3R enjoy themselves in the performance.
  • (Left to right) Wing, Vivian, Alan and Tony debute as the MCs.