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Aim of Evangelistic Week
Evangelistic Week aims to spread the message about Jesus Christ as our Savior. We hope that students learn more about religion so that they can lead a fruitful life.

Interview 1

Can you introduce yourself?
I am Alice Shiu from 5B, the secretary of the SCF (Student Christian Fellowship). Of course, I am a Christian.

How do you feel about the Evangelistic Week?
During this year’s Evangelistic Week, I mainly participated in the Lunchtime Musical performances. I felt that the activity was very fruitful. I have been a Christian since I was small. Evangelistic Week helped me to appreciate how God’s amazing work has blessed me throughout my life. It has also provided me a chance to serve God. Moreover, I am going to join the Easter Life Camp later in April and I feel excited about that.

What have you learnt during the Evangelistic Week?
I have learnt to be confident. During the performances, I had to pluck up courage to sing hymns and talk on the stage. However, when I came up to the stage with my dearest mates in SCF, I no longer felt nervous. Furthermore, it was a fantastic experience for me to work and perform with my schoolmates. In fact, I think that I am the lucky one because I was able to have such a valuable chance to come on to the stage and share my own experiences with my fellow students.

Do you have any messages you would like to tell our readers?
I hope students will be inspired by us and know more deeply about Jesus as our Savior and his blessings. Lastly, I hope I will see you at the Evangelistic Week Meeting next year! God bless you!


Interview 2

Can you introduce yourself?
My name is Eunice Chow. I am a Christian from class 5B.

How do you feel about the Evangelistic Week?
I joined lunchtime sessions, Evangelistic Meetings and a book fair about religion this year. During the lunchtime sessions, I met many Christian students. They shared with me why they believe in God. Through prayer, Christian students can be brave in facing different challenges in their life. We sang hymns and I felt amazed! Such lunchtime sessions have a great influence in our life!

What have you learnt during the Evangelistic Week?
After Evangelistic Week, I realized I had become braver in expressing myself. I really admire the people who stood on the stage, sharing their heartfelt feelings. With the help of God, I believe that everyone has the potential to reach their goals in life.

Do you have any messages you would like to tell our readers?
When you are a Christian, it is very important to pray regularly, no matter if you are happy or sad. If you are sad, you can build up your confidence by telling our heavenly father in heaven. When you are happy, you should thank Him for providing you with such a blessing. If you have the chance to share religious belief with others, try your very best to grab such an opportunity!

Evangelistic Activities
5th March,2013 Testimony
-Testimony from a Christian graphic designer
(Venue: The Methodist Church)

5-13th March,2013 Religious Studies Lesson
- Making Theme-related accessories

6-8th March,2013 MCTV (8:20-8:40a.m.)
-Broadcasting Video
Title: [Sparks Fly Upward]

6-8th ,11-12th March,2013 Lunchtime Musical Evangelistic Meeting
-Form 1 to 5 students gather at lunch to discuss religion.

11-12th March,2013 Book Fair

13th March,2013 Evangelistic Meeting
-Dancing Show and Testimony from a Christian dancer
- Sermon by Mr Cheung Kwok Leung
(Venue: The Methodist Church)

3rd -5 thApril,2013 Easter Life Camp