Joint School Mini Concert at Kwun Tong Government Secondary School ‹ BACK
On 21 March 2013, our school orchestra had performed at the school hall of Kwun Tong Government Secondary School (KTGSS). This was the first ever interflow program organized by the school orchestra of Methodist College and the brass band of KTGSS. Our school orchestra was playing four works (Indian Dances and Cowboy Rhapsody by Ralph Matesky, Two South American Tangos by Villoldo and Rodriguez, and Radetzky March by Johann Strauss Sr.). It was a fruitful and entertaining afternoon because our orchestra members, under the baton of Mr. Chi-Chung Ho, shared their passion and love towards music through playing their beloved orchestral music. We were looking forward to more opportunities to widen our horizon beyond our school campus!!
  • Mistresses of Ceremony were introducing our orchestra’s program
  • The Concert
  • Alright, we are ready!
  • Mr. Ho led our orchestra into the realm of wonderful music.
  • Guess what? Our violin players were playing like guitarists!
  • Yes! We also had performers other than “guitarists.”
  • About 400 KTGSS junior-form students were listening to us.
  • The Brass Band of KTGSS
  • Souvenir-receiving ceremony