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Form 1 students had an enjoyable time at the Adventure Camp organized by the social workers during the Life Wide Learning Day on 28th March. It was such a rewarding experience and I had a great time.
At the beginning of the day, all form 1 students gathered in the hall to play some games. One game I enjoyed so much was to shape some plasticine according to the coach's instructions. In turns, one student from each group was told to shape an object with the plasticine and invite his group members to guess what it was that he was shaping. The first two rounds were quite easy but then it became more and more challenging. Unfortunately, our group lost that game!
In the next game we played, we needed to make different actions to guess whether it was an odd number or an even number. I have learnt that we need to cooperate with our classmates so that we can accomplish our goals.
After that, we had our lunch. Since that day also happened to be Miss Wong's birthday, we ordered a birthday cake and planned to give her a surprise. Miss Wong was indeed very surprised. She was in seventh heaven! We enjoyed our splendid time together.
After lunch, our form was split into two groups. One group used newspaper to make a tower able to contain a bottle of water. Although our group’s creation was not as beautiful as the other groups, we did try our best to share ideas in the process and do the best job we could.
The highlight of the day was rope climbing. It was such a thrilling experience which scared me. When my classmates were going down, we cheered and encouraged them. Although I didn't have an opportunity to try the rope climbing myself, I could imagine the difficulties. We needed to be brave to challenge ourselves when engaging in the activity. I learned the value of team spirit as we cheered one another to achieve our “mission impossible”.
The Life Wide Learning Day taught me to be brave and adventurous and to try anything. I hope I have a chance to challenge myself in rope climbing in the future. Today was a very unforgettable day and I will treasure the experience.
I am looking forward to similar activities in future!
Coco Leung (1W)