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Jozsef Kosa, our exchange student from Hungary, first struck us as reserved and slightly shy. Once we got to know him and realized that coming alone to a foreign country is a big challenge, we found him to be a very active and intelligent person – and incredibly hilarious at times.
Starting with his life in Hungary, he told us about Székesfehérvár, the 9th largest city in central Hungary. It is home to 100,000 people, and where Jozsef comes from.
It was a great pleasure to have the chance to interview Jozsef and to learn more about him. We enjoyed his company very much and it is wonderful to have him here studying with us at Methodist College.

‘But why Hong Kong?’
There are a few reasons behind choosing Hong Kong as the place of exchange, Jozsef told us. The first reason is because of his great interest in the city when he first visited Hong Kong three years ago. Since that time, the spark was lit and he wanted to know more about Hong Kong and to experience life here again.
He said that he was also influenced by the exchange program itself, which requires that he adjourns two years of study in Hungary should he choose to go to other Asian countries he is interested in, such as Japan.
Having previously cultivated a certain bond with this city as well as the advantage of better compatibility with studies in his hometown, Jozsef arrived at the decision and is happily among us today.
“Have you been able to adapt to your new lifestyle in Hong Kong?”
Everyone needs time for adapting to a new lifestyle, and it is the same for Jozsef. In the first few weeks of the arriving, he experienced a little bit of culture shock. When he walked on the street, he lost his way and his mind was full of questions, like "Where am I?" But after a few weeks, he adapted to HK life. He claimed that the reason for his adaptability is his easy going character.
‘How are you getting along with friends?’
At school, Josef’s buddies are mainly students of the same class, Brian and Jamie. At school, they have shown Jozsef around the campus to help him adapt to the new learning environment better, and encouraged him to participate in our school’s clubs and societies.
They’ve also introduced him to a lot of local food during lunchtime. Jozsef told us that his favorite so far is the noodles, which we agree is delicious and a great part of Hong Kong culture.
Jozsef is popular at school with teachers and classmates. His classmate, Jamie, said that Jozsef likes answering questions during class and is not afraid of being wrong. Hong Kong students tend to be a bit more timid. There is much we can learn from Jozsef’s courage and determination to try his best. He is of excellent character – it’s no wonder he has made a lot of friends with his 4G classmates.
‘What are some of your interests? Can you continue with them here?’
Jozsef’s interests include participating in football competitions at lunchtime. Through joining in the games, he has met many schoolmates from different forms and classes. In September, he played in a friendly match with classmates and teachers. He was over the moon when he shared this with us.
With his superb football skills, he has even been recommended to join the school’s football team!
‘How does our College differ from your school in Hungary?’
From Jozsef’s perspective, the main difference between schools in Hong Kong and Hungary is certainly the uniform. Under no circumstances would students be required to wear school uniforms in Hungary. However, this is different in Hong Kong, where it is a must for us to be in proper uniform at school.
Another great difference is that Jozsef’s school in Hungary is not as strict when it comes to arriving on time. Apparently, not really a problem if you are late to school in Hungary. Nonetheless, it is best to avoid being late and we are sure that as a conscientious student, Jozsef has seldom been in this predicament.
Lastly, he told us that his school in Hungary does not assign as much work, even though they need to study as many as 12 subjects at the same time, including Mathematics and Hungarian grammar and literature. For Hungarian students, life is less hectic and there is more free time. Most students enjoy doing sports as an afternoon pastime. He said that the Hong Kong education system imposes too much stress on students. Be that as it may, he still tries his best and studies as much as he can. He has even managed to pick up a lot of Cantonese phrases along the way.
The school is absolutely delighted to have this opportunity to get to know more about Jozsef and his country. We would like to give our sincerest blessings to Jozsef. We wish you the best in our College, and wherever life takes you.
By Janet Yuen 4B, Caresa Chiang and Zhiliang Fang 4W
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