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Every year, when Founders’ Day approaches, the first thing that comes to our mind is the Fun Fair – an entertaining and educational collection of games, activities and displays all prepared by MC Students. The Fun Fair was held on the morning of the 3rd of November in celebration of the 54th anniversary for Methodist College. The joyful events ensured all friends of Methodist College spent memorable moments with teachers, alumni and schoolmates.

On the preparation day, all MC students devoted their time preparing game stalls, decorating their fun rooms and planning a variety of exhibitions for the Founders’ Day. Each fun room was nicely decorated in order to showcase our creativity and versatility to our alumni and visitors.

On Founders’ Day itself, the whole school was a busy, buzzing hive of guests and visitors. They were mainly alumni, students and parents from Methodist College. Laughter and smiles could be found all around the school campus. All visitors really shared a joyful time and appreciated the excellent variety of game stalls.

All students did a great job in hosting the fabulous game stalls. One of the highlights was the Music Society who surfed musically around the campus singing pop songs and serenading happy listeners. The music was infections and exemplified our students’ potential and passion towards music and their studies and creative pursuits in general.

With no doubt, the Fun day provides a platform for our students to show off their talents. It also strengthens our cooperation skills and enhances our sense of belonging towards our alma mater.

By Alice Ko (5B)
  • Students happily play in the games stalls.
  • The Photography Society provided instant snapshots for guests.
  • Students have fun in the English Society room.
  • Let’s do some experiments in the laboratory.