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Alumni Night is an annual festive event which takes place on the Founders’ Day after sunset. The Alumni Night was held in the lower hall and covered playground on 3rd November this year. We were grateful to have alumni Joyce Yip and Ivy Lau from Yiu Sheh as emcees for the event. It was wonderful to reminisce and hear old stories and reflections. We bring some of those to you here in this article.

Run down
-- Speech by the chairperson of the Alumni Association, Wilson Mui Tsz On
-- Speech by the principal, Miss Emily Wong
-- College Song
-- Prayer
-- Poon Choi dinner

Let’s take a look at some graduate interviews.

Miss Lai (Graduated 1961)
Our school life was perfect. We studied diligently but also played hard. Sewing, playing music, travelling and cooking competitions during field trips are fond school memories for me. We put a lot of effort into our Putonghua studies. Other than that, I learnt a great deal from my former class teacher Miss Sito, who is here tonight. I learnt about Jesus Christ at Methodist College and started to believe faithfully in Christ.
I definitely miss the school and the teachers here. At this meeting, we chatted with old friends and luckily managed to email other alumni overseas. We talked about our children and grandchildren.
Students nowadays are nice and warm, energetic and active. I am happy to deliver my best wishes to Methodist College. In terms of praise and fondness for Methodist College, as the Bible says - “my cup overflows”.

Dr. Alice S.L. Wong (Graduated 1983)
It was a great pleasure to come back to Methodist College. The atmosphere in the past was great and we all studied with determination. There was no bullying and we liked doing mathematics between lessons. We raced with each other and everyone wanted to win hands down! It was hysterically funny!
Owing to less ECA and needing to organize class activities ourselves, we grasped every golden opportunity at any momentous occasion, especially Sports Day and Swimming Gala. I distinctly remember winning the Champion House Championship in these two events. We were full of ambition and drive and our house, Yellow House, won every event. We were over the moon. There were so many memorable moments at Methodist College.

Mr. Wislon Mui Tsz On, Chairperson of the Alumni Association (Graduated 1985)
I was on cloud nine and honored to once again become the chairperson of the Alumni Association this year. It is truly a most glorious moment every year. As students in the past, we were very hard working but we sometimes played tricks on the teachers. We used to shine the reflection of the sun from our watches onto the teachers as they were teaching.
We also threw the broken pieces of biscuits into the fan. That was a lot of fun. Notwithstanding, we had fun but we were still well - behaved. It has been delightful to meet my schoolmates today. A dinner such as this is always made all the more special when we chat happily and think of our old days at Methodist College.

Guddy Chan (Graduated 2010)
My school days in Methodist College were full of happiness. The school held a lot of extra curricular activities and encouraged us to join. I miss the school - especially the debate team and the music team.
We were hard working in those days. We considered teachers as our respected elders and treated them accordingly. We were focused on studying as we did not have video games or the Internet to distract us.
Students at this college are now more independent, thoughtful, and smarter. But they should still be modest enough to learn from others. I encourage all students to make the most of your opportunities and to participate in a wide range of activities. When you strike a balance between school work and extra-curricular activities you will reap great rewards.
I think that students should remain humble and learn to find their own direction.

A 6R student, 2012-2013
I will come back in the future, of course. It will be great to come back years from now and reminisce about my old school days.
I want to give my hearty thanks to Mr. Ng and Mr. Ngai for inspiring me. I am impressed by them. They keep on reminding me to put more effort into my studies. Now I am studying hard instead of letting the time just fly away.

A 6B student, 2012-2013
We were in seventh heaven at the alumni dinner. Although we are still current S.6 students, we had a great time and knew the significance of the evening. Next year, we will definitely assemble here and chat with each other again.
We will never forget our origins and always remember that “April showers bring May flowers”. Exams are tough. We have done and will do our best.

Best wishes to our Methodist College family!

By Amberlyn Chow(5B) and Crystal Chan(5B)
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