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On the 12th of November, Methodist College warmly welcomed a visiting group of students and teachers from Methodist Girls’ School, Singapore (MGS). Twenty Methodist College students visited Methodist Girls’ School in April this year, so we were pleased to have this opportunity to host our Singaporean friends in Hong Kong. One of the main purposes of their trip was to participate in a three-day intensive musical theatre workshop at Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts. We are very grateful to the MGS students for performing a short musical excerpt that they had learnt in the workshop. They were very skilled.

Playing host to the students from Singapore gave us a chance to display our generosity, warmth and hospitality. We must thank and acknowledge our teachers for preparing wonderful lessons, the “MC Buddies” for taking care of the Singaporean students and for making them special handmade souvenirs and last but not least, the orchestra members who performed a stirring piece of music. Exchange programmes such as this are a great opportunity for students and teachers alike to communicate, to learn and to experience the world.

We hope that the experience was as valuable and worthwhile for the Singaporean students as it was for us.
  • Ms. Daisy Liu was welcoming the Singaporean visitors.
  • Mr. Chong presented a souvenir to Ms. Tsien of MGS.
  • Our teachers and the MGS visitors
  • Students from 4G in discussion with an MGS visitor.
  • MGS students were presenting the story of their school.
  • Kelvin Kwok presented a souvenir to the student representative.
  • Christie Ho and Zoe Chan reunited with their buddies from MGS.
  • Our Orchestra was performing enchanting music for the visitors.
  • MGS students were performing an energetic musical excerpt.
  • “Goodbye” was probably what we did not want to say on that day!