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This ‘Methodist Retreat Camp’ was organized by the LS department and the Methodist Church Welsey camp in Mui Wo. We aimed at training students with different project learning skills and incorporating those skills with the study of social issues. We brought a group of 15 students from F3 to Mui Wo and expected them to have an authentic learning environment on the study of the development of Mui Wo. We assigned them with 3 different stakeholder’s role, namely, Mui Wo residents, developer and environmental protectionist. Their major task was to make up a plan for developing Mui Wo based on the assigned stakeholder’s needs and expectation.

For the students, they could develop the generic skill and project skill that would be crucial to their study of Liberal Studies, including:

 Self-directed learning: Student’s preparation for the project which required them to collect new and unfamiliar information for making up the plan.

- Cooperative learning – students were assigned with different task on the project.

- Data collection – collecting first hand data from interviews of local residents, field observation etc.

- Data analysis – analyzing those raw data they collected from field study.

- Public speaking – student’s presentation.