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Form 1 students had a meaningful “Growth Celebration Ceremony" with their parents in the afternoon of 13th October, 2012 (Saturday) to mark a new page in their life. All of them had great fun on that day!

To begin with, Mr.Lam delivered a welcoming speech to all parents and students. After that, all the Form 1 students and parents were escorted to different classrooms and participated in a family activity called ‘The Milestone of My Life’.

In this activity, everyone was asked to come to the front of the classroom to say a few words to thank their parents. It was such a touching moment. Then, we took a photo with our parents and the photo was put into a lovely frame as a memento. After that, we listened to a song called ‘The Times of my life’ which reminded us of the blessing of God.

Afterwards, students escorted their parents on a little “school tour” before the ceremony began. When it was the time for the ceremony, everyone was ready and waiting for the arrival of the guests. Our principal, Miss Wong, started the ceremony by delivering a speech which was full of encouragement and enlightenment. Then, we all put our “time capsule” on a table. The time capsules represented our dreams and expectations towards the coming six years. At the end, we sang our school songs, marking the end of the ceremony.
Although time flew very fast, we believe the memories and the touching moments that we had on that day will echo in our mind forever.

By Glenda Yeung(1W) and Coco Leung(1W)