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Lisa Marx, one of the exchange students attending Methodist College this school year, is now enjoying school life and getting along well with her new peers in 5W. The quiet Austrian girl recently had a short lunchtime interview with our student reporters. Let’s find out more about our buddy from Austria!

Growing up in a small village in Austria, Lisa longed to experience life in a big city like Hong Kong. She regards it as a golden opportunity to experience a totally different culture, try everything new and prepare for her future life. She revealed that the strict school rules and learning atmosphere are unfamiliar to her. Fortunately, she said that she was getting more used to school life and the fast pace of life in Hong Kong.

With the beginning of the first term still fresh, Lisa has already participated in one of the school teams, the Taekwondo team. She finds so much fun in learning and practicing Taekwondo. When asked about her comments on our Sports Days, she replied that the unique and energetic cheering of our students impressed and astonished her a lot. She had never experienced a Sports Day with such thunderous cheering in Austria.

Apart from various school activities, she pointed out that the food in Hong Kong has also widened her horizons. During the interview, she recalled the experience of having lunch in a local restaurant and eating a bowl of noodles with cooked cow’s organs. ‘I would like to try any local food,’ she explained, ‘but the noodles taste really weird!’

Regarding her new peers and teachers, Lisa commented that she can feel the care and love from all the schoolmates and teachers she has met so far! Returning to Austria in July 2013, Lisa looks forward to more brand new experiences for the rest of her stay in Hong Kong. When asked if she would miss Hong Kong and our school after she returned to Austria, without hesitating, she responded firmly with a ‘yes’.

Let’s give Lisa a warm welcome and help to make her stay in Methodist College a memorable one!

By Moses Ho 5W & Amberlyn Chow 5B

  • Our dear exchange student Lisa Marx
  • Lisa with the chairperson of Long Sheh
  • Lisa with her interviewer
  • Lisa smiling brightly with her best friends
  • Lisa with her buddy