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During the last summer holiday, five Form 3 students were sponsored by the school to join a three-week English Language Leadership Program (ELLP) at Hong Kong International School.

During their visit (13 July - 2 August) the students practiced English skills through activities related to leadership and citizenship, such as public speaking and consensus building. It was an immensely fruitful experience for them! Let’s see what some of the participating students had to say.

The ELLP, helps you to make many friends from other schools and broaden your horizons. The teachers teach lots of different skills in English writing, speaking and research.

We had experiential learning lessons every day. We not only did exercises, but we also learnt about leadership qualities by participating in different kinds of games. By the end of the programme, I felt that I knew more about myself and I felt more confident as well.

Sara Yee 4B (18)

The programme was truly amazing! I didn’t know any of my classmates at the beginning, but after some class cheering and team building games, I knew them all quite well. The most memorable game was one where we needed to climb up a high pole and then jump down. At first I was very afraid, but my classmates encouraged me and I finally climbed up even though I was wearing a dress! Such good memories will always stay in my heart.

I definitely recommend this programme to form 3 students. By participating, you can feel the difference between a traditional school and an international school. Furthermore, you can improve your writing and speaking skills. Now I am more confident when I speak in front of my classmates!

Charmaine Lo 4B (10)

Owing to the English Language Leadership Program, I improved my English and widened my perspective. I enjoyed every moment in every lesson - especially the writing lesson. Our writing teacher taught very well and she was very funny in the lesson. I learnt a great deal of vocabulary and different sentence structures all of which has helped me in trying to make a perfect sentence. It was a golden chance for me to stimulate my imagination and develop my critical thinking skills.

It was also a great opportunity for us to practice our English. English is the only language spoken at the school!

Christy Hung 4G (10)

The style of teaching at the Hong Kong International School is totally different from that of regular Hong Kong schools. The lessons are free and emphasize autonomy of learning. I enjoyed the methods employed in these lessons and I enjoyed the school life.

Apart from learning English skills, the most important message was about leadership. We learnt by reading Shakespearean works such as Julius Caesar. We also participated in activities for building up our leadership abilities. I discovered how to be a better leader by being caring and responsible.

Fiona Tong 4B (14)

I enjoyed every single moment of ELLP, but most of all the team building games my buddies and I played. We played the ‘human knot’ at the beginning of the program. This game turned 16 strangers into friends by cooperating towards a mutual goal.

The ELLP programme is surely enriching and fully develops your talents. ELLP not only enriches your English speaking skills, but also your ability to communicate with others. During my stay at HKIS, I met a lot of new friends. We are still in touch although we are studying in different schools.

Warren Kung 4G (35)

  • Students acting one of the scenes from Julius Caesar.
  • Charmaine musters the courage to jump down from a pole.
  • Class photo including Fiona Tong.
  • Students take a rest after an experiential learning lesson.
  • Warren and his peers create an ‘AIR PERSON’ for their class.
  • The ‘AIR PERSON’