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Environmental pollution poses a serious threat to Hong Kong and the rest of the world. With this in mind, we, the members of the Environmental Club, have started an organic farm in October in a corner of our school campus with a view to make our campus more green.

At the beginning of our small organic farm project, most of us told the tutor that we were willing to become little farmers because we had the free time to do so. None of us, however, could honestly say that we had a passionate green thumb.

In observing and following our tutor, we experienced how laborious it can be to lead a farmer’s life. By working hard and sweating, we deeply appreciated the literal truth that “You reap what you sow” and it was truly a golden opportunity for us to learn what the life of a farmer is like. At the very least we learned that it is a far cry from city life!

Leading a green life or simply being more environmentally friendly in such a modern city as Hong Kong may seem challenging. But we believe that with every effort, the environment around us will turn greener and greener before long. So why not start by making our campus green?

By William Tam 5B
Environmental Protection Society