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This year has seen plenty of fresh faces in our Taekwondo Team. With the graduating Form 6 members already gone, the duties fell to us. We needed to learn how to work independently. Being the newest and youngest team leader, it was important for me to be very focused. Not only was I the leader, I was coach too. During the Inter-school Competition, I led the team in its matches. I was more than a little nervous. Duncan Ho (3G) was active and aggressive but unfortunately was defeated in his match. Pierandrea Falchi (4B) was 1st Runner Up in the Taekwondo Competition and the Fighting Champion. All of the fights were even. We faced some experienced opponents. I did not win my match unfortunately but there is always next year. We will of course try to improve in between now and then. I’d like to thank Mr. Lee Lo Ping, Mr. Lau Chi Chiu and Miss Tsea Fung Yee for their great support. Thanks for helping us to solve problems and thanks for the great uniforms!
by Ben LEE Kwong Keung (2R)

This was my first fighting competition ever! I must say that: even though I love Taekwondo, I was so nervous about competing for the very first time. At the same time though, I was so excited to compete not just for myself but also for Methodist College. We trained so hard and I thought we would have some good results. During my first fight I suffered some injuries to my legs. But I thought to myself, “Well, never mind! The importance is to participate, not to win.”
Thanks to the support from my team mates and their technical suggestions. I felt ok and I won the second match. I felt so happy but at that moment I could feel the tension in the air. I was in the final round! Anyway, the situation for me was not so optimistic. My last opponent was a lot taller and heavier than me! Yet, God must have helped me a lot – because I won the final as well! My joy was way beyond description! To be frank, the overall result was much better than I ever could have expected and I had a good time. It was an incredible experience that I’ll always treasure even when I am back in Italy!
by Pierandrea Falchi (4B)

The competition really helped me to understand the true meaning of teamwork. We had a great competitive team and a great support team too. Several busy Form 6 students took the time to come and support us, which I thought was quite touching. The competition was a great experience. I’ll learn from my mistakes and practise with determination so that by the time the next competition comes, I’ll be as ready as I can be.
by Rico TANG Wing Hei (1R)

Competing made me realize how important teamwork is. I was so touched that our senior form brothers came and supported us. Although they needed to prepare for the HKDSE, their presence gave us a tremendous boost. I won the silver medal in the Free Fight. It’s good to be humble in victory, and so I am extremely honoured to have defeated such a worthy opponent.
By CHAN Hiu Kwan (1R)

After joining the Inter-School Taekwondo Competition, I have mastered some fighting techniques such as the backside kick and cut down. In addition to the skills, I came to learn more about the rules of the Competition.
I am so glad that Mr. Chan Hon Wai, who was my Class Teacher, came and supported us. Also my thanks to Mr. Lau Chi Chiu, who helped us understand the importance of team spirit.
Lastly, I want to thank Mr. Lee Lo Ping, Mr. Lau Chi Chiu, Miss Tsea Fung Yee, Miss Lee Wai Sze and Mr. Chan Hon Wai for their great support. I will certainly try my best to win more medals in the forthcoming contests. I hope the school can keep supporting the Taekwondo Team.
By Duncan HO Shing Yan (3G)