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'You got someone you love…' said Pierandrea with his sincerity. Being an exchange student from Italy in the College for a year, he sighed that time really flew. Nevertheless, Pier had shown his enthusiasm in this year of precious stay with us in Methodist College.

The kind-hearted boy didn’t bother to mention the momentous birthday party he had once in a lifetime that was held by his class, 4B, to him in December last year. He blushed and felt extraordinarily surprised when his lovely classmates and teachers handed him a beautiful birthday cake. Not only did he feel embarrassed, but he also showed his gratitude for the blessing bestowed upon him - having met so many good friends here in Hong Kong.

'All teachers are caring and helpful to me!'

Besides joyful moments shared with his buddies, Pier was over the moon, seeing his great improvements witnessed by his teachers in the College. Passing more and more tests and quizzes with satisfactory marks, Pier would like to give a big applause to Mr. Leung, who was his Mathematics teacher, for his serious and influential teaching throughout the golden year. Furthermore, he thanked Ms. Wong, who was his English teacher, for teaching him loads of useful idioms. Most importantly, with correcting his strong Italian accents, Ms. Wong lent her hand to him in striving for better accuracy in pronunciation. What’s more, ‘Physics is new to me!’ he claimed as he smiled, recalling some heart-warming encouragements from his Physics teacher, Ms. Law --- ‘You’ve been doing well!’ All these gave him impetus to boost his confidence as well as to strive for success.

Extra- curricular activities add colors to his life

Apart from being attentive to his studies, Pier also showed his curiosity in joining various kinds of after-class activities. The energetic teen not only won medals in the charismatic Sports Day, but he also enjoyed learning and playing martial arts such as boxing, Tai Chi, which embodied rich Eastern cultures. During the year, Pier joined Taekwondo and fortunately, he won two valuable medals which proved his consistent efforts. Despite his broken leg in the Taekwondo competition, Pier still participated in the Drama training, which was also his cup of tea, by perseverance. When we conversed about his tremendous achievement in acting as he was honored the Award for Outstanding Actor, he pointed out humbly that he should concentrate more intensely to get into his role for an even better interpretation. On the eve of his leaving our College, he would like to share the following advice with all his fellow schoolmates.

'You got someone you love!'

To him, who loves to smile despite facing challenges, an exchange experience provided him with not only an occasion for boosting his understanding on languages and cultures and problem-solving skills, but also a totally brand new society with new school ethos and friends. Most obviously, he got a new family which was not based on ‘blood connection’. Bearing all these in mind, he encouraged us to endeavor to embrace challenges for character development. ‘You got someone you love, and you are given another life!’ He used a meaningful metaphor to express himself.

We will always remember the touching farewell of Pier during the last assembly. He showed his love to the College by performing a lovely and remarkable song to all of the members in Methodist family. Promising to practice Cantonese when getting back to his hometown, he gave his deepest blessing to all his fellows. He promised to visit all of us with flying colors of life very soon. Pier, All the best to you, too!

Eunice Chow 4B

  • Pier with his peers at Taekwondo practice
  • Sharing a moment of joy with a funny face!
  • Sharing the treasurable moments in the relay
  • Pier cheering hard with his mates in Form Four
  • English School Drama Fest_Awards
  • Serving students at Methodist School
  • Outstanding Actor_Pier (Hong Kong School Drama Fest)
  • Pier set off for the English Activity Day
  • Pier posed creatively with his buddy, Eunice
  • A remarkable school day for Pier and his friend
  • They're all football lovers! (from left) Ben, Pier and Ryan
  • How strong the Italian boy is! But I felt AFRAID!!!
  • A punch witnessed the friendship between Pier and Eric, his mate
  • We all shared the last momentous farewell to Pier