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With the objective of demonstrating learning in different disciplines, the Cross Curriculum Fun Day was held on the 18th of May with great success. Having six students from different forms to be our MCs, the day started with great joy! Let me share a glimpse of the highlight of the day with you all!

Form 1--- Mathematics Quiz

The Interclass Mathematics quiz served as a challenge to junior form students. Nevertheless, even senior forms students found it engaging as they were busy sorting out the answers of the questions. The well-known ‘Rush hours’ game was the climax of the morning session as all the audience cheered for the quick wit of the participants despite the pressure presented by the time limit.

Form 2--- IS Project Sharing

I think most of you were glad to see the endeavor of students in doing IS projects and so did I. All sharing ranging from natural indicators to protecting our eyes was fascinating. Have you ever seen a shark swimming in the air? It is quite unbelievable, right? The Form 2 students illustrated this by inviting “sharks and fishes”, which were almost more than one metre, to the church hall. Although they were actually just toys, they surely shocked us! The students have also introduced the concept behind the phenomenon to us.

Form 3--- Chinese Debate

Representatives from 3R and 3W had a debate on the topic ‘Is economic development more important that reserving historic spots?’ It was a precious opportunity for lower forms to have a better understanding on debating. As for senior forms, they definitely gained from the provocative debate as well.

Form 4---PSHE

PSHE is a term that describes subjects related to humanity. Presentations about Economics, Business and Financial Studies and Geography were introduced by selected groups of F.4 students. With such informative presentations, the audience surely gained a lot from financial management to environmental protection.

Form 5--- forum of current social issues

Our big brothers and sisters gave us a wonderful demonstration on critical thinking. Acting as different stakeholders of the social issue ‘redevelopment’, the form 5 students gave valuable opinions through various perspectives. There was also a question and answer session in which the form 5 students showed their spontaneity in responding to the questions from the audience. They surely deserved a big round of applause!

Cross! Cross! Cross!

The day of exploring different subjects while having great fun finally came to an end. To our delight, not only did we enjoy a fantastic, memorable time, but we also gained a lot through such fruitful sharing.

Gladys Yeung, 4B