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How many languages do you know? How many languages can you speak? Cantonese? Yes! Putonghua? I think so! English? Sure! How about German? How about Italian? If you participated in the Methodist College Intercultural Fair…then maybe you learnt a little bit of both.

On May 3rd, our international exchange students, Pierre (who would have been there but could not attend because of a broken foot!) and Irina, with the help of their exchange friends, hosted the Intercultural Fair Day. Methodist College students were given a great opportunity to experience the language and culture of European nations, Germany and Italy.

My class had the chance to visit the Intercultural Fair in the SAC during our English lesson. We were greeted by some very enthusiastic and vibrant exchange students. They looked very bright and striking in their yellow T-shirts. After a warm welcome we began the activities.

In the first activity we warmed up with some chanting and dancing. The exchange students sure were animated! Their energy was infectious! We took turns to visit the German and Italian game stalls where we were kindly taught some simple Italian and German words and phrases. The games we played were fun and focused on cooperation and teamwork.

Our time at the Intercultural Fair ended in great applause and gratitude. We made new friends and had fun too. I hope that all students who participated had as much fun as my class did. We are very thankful. If you didn’t join in this year…then how about next year?! Ready?

TRE…DUE…UNO (3…2…1 in Italian)…GO!!!

Eunice Chow 4B
  • A very colourful activity!
  • The famous Chicken Dance!
  • All together now!
  • Waving the Italian flag
  • Language challenges