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By F.1W Peterson Au and Vinci Lai

It is our pleasure to have this opportunity to invite our new NET teacher, Matthew James Anderson to chat with us. He is from Australia which is a big and beautiful country, but there are only a few major cities. Mr. Anderson also told us a secret that he has a beautiful, sweet and lovely girlfriend who can speak five languages. We hope that we can have a chance to know her, then we can learn five languages from her.

Mr. Anderson is good at playing cricket, tennis, golf and rugby. It is also interesting to know that Mr. Anderson can play guitar very well. Do you think that he will sing love songs to his girlfriend? He also likes to read and watch movies in his spare time.
He was baptized as a Christian and has three brothers, but no sister. He likes wild animals, not the small ones, but those big and fierce ones like lions, tigers and sharks. On the other hand, he also loves those small pets including fish, cats and dogs. We feel that he loves nature very much.

This is the second time he has come to Hong Kong. He said he enjoys living in HK which is a vibrant and lively city very different from his home country.

Mr. Anderson teaches us how to write poems in English. He loves us very much because the students of Methodist College are friendly, helpful, sporty and smart. We also like him very much and wish that our students can have more time to chat with him to know more about his home country.