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Interview with Reverend Yuen Tin Yau, our new supervisor
Reported by 3W Zhiliang Fang, 4B Eunice Chow and 4B Gladys Yeung

‘I’m over the moon to see that the school has really improved a lot!’ praised Reverend Yuen Tin-Yau, the new supervisor of the College this year, in a recent interview. He is pleased to see our students improve, not only academically as pupil, but in their behavior and character as a person.
In the interview, he has given us a brief insight on the operation of the school as well as the roles played by members of the School Board of Management and students in finalizing decisions regarding school policies so as to achieve even more milestones.
He believes that it is only with the participation of parents, janitors, alumni and, as he has emphasized, the student body atop that of our team of professional teachers that opinions can be voiced out and future measures tailor-made to the needs of those who are affected the most. With the emphasis on Christianity, all the stakeholders of the school share the common value in shaping our school.
A school is a place to witness the academic and personal growth of students. Having the opportunity to be the school supervisor again, he mentioned that everyone plays a crucial role in the school. He wish the school not only nurtures students to be knowledgeable leaders, but also part of the Methodist Family with love for the school from their heart.
‘Don't let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in life, in love, in faith and in purity.’ He quoted a bible verse to encourage all members of the Methodist Family. He believed that Methodist College students can all be a role model of others. Don’t look down on yourself because success is not confined by age.
The interview was especially rewarding to us, students, consistently referred to throughout the interview as the partakers in the continuous development of our school, witnessing its growth and improvement as it is witnessing our own. Besides a better understanding of our school and the roles we play in it, it has given us plenty of inspiration through Reverend Yuen’s messages conveying the importance of cooperation, faith, and most importantly love, for God, for the school, for each other – all of which have brought us over the moon to where we are now, and will bring us closer to reaching a greater beyond.