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~Sharing from Exchange Students
5G Ng Lok Yan & 5W Alsace Yuen

Beginning last year (Year 2010-2011), our school joined an exchange programme with AFS, an international non-profit organization, which has been dedicated to promoting international exchange activities.

This year, we are pleased to have Pier and Irina, from Italy and Germany respectively, to join our Methodist Family. They actively participate in our school activities and bring laughter and invaluable friendship to our students. They also display immense enthusiasm and interest. They have been kind enough to share some words and photos with us. Let’s catch a glimpse!

Irina Iwantschak (From Germany)

After studying for around two months in Methodist College, I’m sure this school is one of the best schools in Hong Kong. The teachers and staff are really friendly and considerate. The students are very amiable too.

To be frank, my first day at Methodist College made me nervous, yet with the help of my lovely classmates and the cordial teachers, it has turned out to be a delightful time.

I’m really glad to have this golden opportunity to learn and live like a Hong Kong teenager. An opportunity like this must come around only once in a blue moon! In Hong Kong, I can hardly find anything similar to Germany. That’s why it has been a huge cultural shock since I started living in Hong Kong. But now, I do enjoy my time here very much.

I’m really sorry to say that I can only stay here for ten months and two of them have already passed. Time really flies, so I will cherish every remaining second in Hong Kong, to learn more, to broaden my horizons and to experience more.

I really hope I can get more experience under my belt.
  • Irina with other exchange students and volunteers from AFS.
  • Even Pier & Irina help to promote our SU cabinet, Vocal F!
  • Happy days!