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On April 18, Methodist College, proudly walked away with a Outstanding Script Award, for the second year in a row, at the 2011 EMI Drama Fest. Director, Miss Denise Richardson, proudly reported that the cast and crew gave a stellar performance and memories of all the hard work, trying moments and challenges suddenly vanished, when she saw her students on the stage performing like seasoned actors and giving their all in their outstanding performance of When The Mask Slips.

When the Mask Slips

Damage doesn’t have to be physical to cause harm. What we might not always be aware of, is that the most powerful weapon we can wield is, in fact, our words. With words we can soothe, amend, cover up, build up a curtain of lies in the face of truth, and bring someone’s world crashing down.

Verbal abuse, the foul play of words, is a serious yet commonly overlooked problem that undoubtedly inflicts a great deal of damage to psychological health. In Hong Kong alone, approximately 67% of women have experienced verbal abuse in relationships. That’s to say, two in every three women have lived in an environment of profanities, disrespect, verbal attacks from their partner, and stood up for themselves. What about those who haven’t? The 67% figure is based only on the number of cases that have actually been reported by victims of verbal abuse. What about the countless others who find themselves in the same situation who are more than likely afraid to speak up or possibly are even unable to identify the problem?

For some, like the three young women in our play, When the Mask Slips, it’s a matter of deception and denial. One moment they have a prosperous future in their hands, the next minute they find themselves in the midst of nothing but shards of insults and convincing lies. Lying, cheating, calling someone names and putting them, or their ideas, down, must not be tolerated under any circumstances in any relationship. These actions do not constitute a healthy relationship. In order for a relationship with anyone to be healthy, respect and trust are paramount.

In our drama production, three women discover the power of words – their power to hurt, and ultimately, their power to heal – when the mask finally slips away.

Zhi Liang Fang 2W

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