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~Sharing from Exchange Students
5G Ng Lok Yan & 5W Alsace Yuen

Beginning last year (Year 2010-2011), our school joined an exchange programme with AFS, an international non-profit organization, which has been dedicated to promoting international exchange activities.

This year, we are pleased to have Pier and Irina, from Italy and Germany respectively, to join our Methodist Family. They actively participate in our school activities and bring laughter and invaluable friendship to our students. They also display immense enthusiasm and interest. They have been kind enough to share some words and photos with us. Let’s catch a glimpse!

Pierandrea Falchi (From Italy)

Time flies! After a month, I have found that Methodist College is really well-organized. My classmates are very friendly and helpful! At the beginning, I was worried that they would ignore me after a few days but fortunately they didn’t. Because of their enthusiasm, I want to make as many friends as possible!!

Besides, my teachers are amazing too! I still haven’t found a boring subject. The lessons are really interesting. I am grateful to the school for providing plenty of opportunities to participate in Extra Curricular Activities. These activities add color to my school life.

Apart from my school life in Methodist College, I think the culture in Hong Kong is utterly different from the culture I am used to in Italy but I do LOVE IT! I don’t have any problems, such as culture shock. Right now and I’m really over the moon. If I were allowed to stay in Hong Kong longer, I would love to!
  • Pier shares a moment of glory with his classmate, Eric
  • Pier with other exchange students from Italy and AFS volunteers.
  • Pier has developed precious friendships with our students!
  • Pier celebrates Mid Autumn Festival
  • F.4B Boys 4x100 relay representatives show off the winning medal