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During the Lunar New Year Holiday, a group of students from F.1 to F.5 travelled to Australia for nine days (13-21 Feb 2015) for the Overseas Leadership Training Programme. All of us had a great time spent in on the trip. Not only did this wonderful trip widen our eyes and the barriers in our minds, but also further developed our communication skills, sense of responsibility, independence and leadership capacity.

We all had many exhilarating moments with our mates and teachers in Melbourne and Sydney. Although we did not have much time to stay in every place that we visited on account of our fruitful schedule, we enjoyed each place we went to. Going to different renowned and captivating scenic spots, we visited some schools including secondary schools and universities. We learnt the differences in the learning attitude and culture between Hong Kong and Australia out of taking part in the lessons with the secondary schools students.

This trip was truly unforgettable and brought us a meaningful experience and tones of jubilant memories.
  • A bracing group photo before the exhilarating trip!
  • The campus there is remarkably spacious!
  • Amazed by the renowned Sydney Harbour Bridge.
  • A wonderful relaxing moment in a cafe in Australia.
  • Dinner with alumni in Sydney.
  • A visit to the Dalgety Property Company.