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During the period of 14th of March to the 18th of March, our campus life was enriched by the visit of Anglo-Chinese School International. Headed by the vice-principal Mr MacLean, Mrs MacLean and Ms Stacey Low, five Singaporean students from ACS visited Methodist College and had lessons with our schoolmates.

The students all stayed with host families. Exploring Hong Kong with our school buddies together, they experienced joyous and precious moments at weekends. Besides exploring Hong Kong, they also had lessons with us, which was a good chance for us to know more about the differences between the education system in Singapore and Hong Kong.

The occasion also served as a wonderful channel for staff interflow. Mr MacLean and Ms Stacey Low also had meaningful exchange with our fellow teachers on leadership development and history teaching.

In short, this programme was fruitful and valuable. It strengthened our friendship and provided a wonderful opportunity for us to get along with friends from a different cultural background. Also, it made us understand that true friends are never apart in our hearts. Regardless of whatever distance we have, our friendship will last forever.

Jodie Wong 3R(18)
  • We visited one of the shopping belts in Hong Kong at weekend.
  • We spent an exhausting yet enjoyable day in Ocean Park.
  • A warm welcome to all Singaporean teachers and students.
  • Ms Stacey teaching Geography in our lesson