A Moment to be Cherished -Methodist College 56th Anniversary Founders’ Day and Prize-Giving Ceremony ‹ BACK
This year, our principal, guests, alumni, teachers and students celebrated the 56th Anniversary of Founders’ Day and Prize-Giving Ceremony together in a unique and special way. This was undoubtedly an unforgettable and memorable day for all of us.
As the music of our college hymn, which symbolizes the founding of our college played, the ceremony commenced. With the welcoming speech of Rev. Yuen Tin Yau, followed by a scripture lesson, sermon and prayer, we understood that we do not only learn and gain knowledge at school, but also learn values for wholesome growth. We should also care for others and be hopeful in our future.
After enlightening encouragement and guidance, our principal, Miss Emily Wong Pui Yi, gave us the annual school report. She highlighted both internal and external achievements of our school. She ended her speech by encouraging students to develop for whole person education in accomplishing the goal of being an MCKLN student. Then, it was our honor to have our alumnus, Associate Vice-President & Chair Professor of Rehabilitation Science of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Professor Chetwyn Chan to give us a speech based on three aspects, which were learning languages, having a whole-person development and widening our horizons. His inspiring speech gave us inspirations on how to be a better person so as to rise to the challenges we will meet in the future.
Then, we had the presentation of prizes and certificates to students who had outstanding achievements and performances last year. Apart from this, the highlight of the whole ceremony was definitely the awarding of prizes for long and dedicated service to teachers and staff who have been contributing to our school for a long time. The atmosphere of the ceremony was electric and the recipients of awards were welcomed and congratulated with applause and cheers.
Last but not least, there was a newly added session this year which was the coronation of graduates for 30, 40, and more than 50 years. Each graduate was coronated with a scarf with the school logo in remembrance of their strong binding with the College. We were honored to have invited Reverend Yuen Tin Yau and Miss Helena Sito, the ex-principal of our school and also a long-cherished friend of our College, to officiate the ceremony and coronate the graduates with the scarf. Though the alumni are no longer working or studying in Methodist College, their ever-lasting connection and bonding never fades.
The ceremony ended with a music performance and benediction by Rev. Chan Tak Cheong. With the closing of the ceremony, a school year was concluded and there is a brand new and fruitful one ahead for all of us, at Methodist College. For more updates about the photos, please check in our Photo Album in our website.
By Kelly Wong(4B)

  • The procession of guests
  • Miss Emily Wong is delivering the annual school report.
  • Our honorable guest, Professor Chetwyn Chan
  • The welcoming speech given by Rev. Yuen Tin Yau
  • Prize winners receive their certificates from Professor Chan
  • Congrats to Mr Chiu for the Long Service Award!
  • Congrats to Ms Liu for the Long Service Award!
  • Miss Sito and Rev. Yuen Tin Yau coronating our alumni
  • Our ex-principal, Miss Sito as the guest in coronation
  • Music performance by our school choir and school orchestra