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As an English Form activity, Form Five students are given the precious chance of widening their scope of English learning by participating in a Conflict Management Camp organized by the Li Po Chun United World College in Wu Kai Sha. Through participating in a range of thought-provoking activities, students were encouraged to consider various ways to cope with conflicts and learn to collaborate with people from different walks of life.

A brief introduction session was held in a lecture room, where the students were grouped. They met their group leaders, who are students from colleges from all over the world. After the introduction and some fun warm up exercises, students began their adventure with all sorts of conflicts and problems.

They were allocated to different places to proceed with their activities. All of them were intriguingly challenging and educational. “Labels” was a game in which group mates were labelled by different nouns. Others could see the label but not the person with a label. These people were going to plan a party together and they would have to identify their labels through the way others treated them. Through this simple game, we learned precious life lessons. “We need to accept others and also reflect on ourselves,” a student from 5G said, “Also, I learned that the labels we knew about others aren’t the only truth about them. Never judge a book by its cover.”

Besides this, there were several other games that were enlightening as well as entertaining. Through the activities, students learnt to accomplish the ultimate goal of gaining mutual benefit in various situations. Through negotiation, we need to exercise our critical and creative thinking so as to resolve problems in a creative way. These can be reflected in the most thrilling activity of the day – a role play of students playing different roles of society striving for a precious natural asset. Surprisingly, there wasn’t much fighting but a lot of reasoning. And of course, they could manage to resolve the conflict and come up with a perfect solution for the case that everyone could share the asset.

“This experience is totally new to me, and yes - it’s challenging. But I think we have all done well today. I personally learnt a ton – from the importance of communication to discovering effective resolution at all levels, from more personal perspective to the international arena. It’s fascinating!” recalled a 5G student, exclaiming with a laugh.
The experience was surely rewarding judging from the enthusiastic participation of all students. We look forward to future opportunities to widen our horizons of English learning!

Elika Lau
  • 5G is full of excitement!
  • Students reflect on the activities
  • Playing the game: Labels
  • Resolving conflicts together
  • Warm up exercises are fun too!
  • What a creative sculpture of Peace!
  • An international line up!
  • A “live broadcast” of a discussion
  • Happy faces on the campus tour!