Colorful Fun Fair and Ball Games with Alumni on Founders’ Day ‹ BACK
Every year on Founder’s Day, the school campus comes alive. This year, the occasion was even more special than usual as the 2013-2014 school year marks our 55th Anniversary. On the 2nd of November, Methodist College welcomed all with colourful pennants, games stalls, music, posters, sports games and much more. For the teachers, students, alumni, parents and visitors, it was time to celebrate!
The main entrance of the school was like a carnival. On arriving, you were enthusiastically encouraged by all manner of club and society representatives to go and visit their displays and stalls. The lobby was a colourful and sometimes chaotic place full of enthusiastic students holding brilliantly designed posters. There were even one or two students who looked a little bit like walking posters!
All of the classrooms were decorated so wonderfully that you almost had to wonder if they were really classrooms at all. It was tremendous to see that so many students went to so much trouble to decorate their areas with so much creativity and skill. Just about every classroom had some kind of interactive game to enjoy. It was great playing and having fun at the games stalls.
If the game stalls left you feeling exhausted then you could have done a lot worse than to sit down and enjoy the musical talents of ‘Simplicity’, a 3 piece form 6 musical combo. They played down near the canteen and their peaceful, harmonious singing acted in contrast to the high energy, frenetic nature of the busy games stalls. In the sanctuary of the relatively serene canteen, you could simply sit, relax and enjoy the music.
As if there wasn’t enough going on in the school, you could head outside to the basketball court for some super fun ball games. Sport is known as a great leveler and seeing alumni, teachers and students playing together was just an inspiration. Everyone was a winner on the basketball court on Founder’s Day. Winning and losing took a back seat to sportsmanship and camaraderie.
Founder’s Day was simply sensational. We are indeed blessed to be part of such a loving, caring and friendly school community. Here’s to another 55 years and more!

Suki Choi 4G
  • This was the most exciting SU game stall.
  • The Prefects created fun games too!
  • Music band: Simplicity
  • Wow! Good shooting!
  • Every year, many alumni are reunited in the ball game competitio