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It has been our long-celebrated tradition to organize the Alumni Dinner on Founders’ Day as an occasion for all friends of Methodist College to recall their good old days here. This year, such a heart-warming gathering was held in Federal Restaurant from 6-10pm on 2nd of November, 2013. Below are some of the highlights of the night:

Sharing of Friends of MC

Miss Mo Hoi Ling (Ex Vice-principal)

I had been teaching in Methodist College for more than 30 years when I left this school. In the past years, I watched how Methodist College changed. To me, Methodist College has always been a wonderful school because of its outstanding students of 55 years. In this alumni dinner, we can see that they have really become the ones who make contributions and accomplishment.

There are plenty of indelible memories in Methodist College, but the most significant one in my mind is the fabulously built teacher-student relationship. In teachers’ minds, students are innocent with grateful hearts. Therefore, teachers and students are more like close friends. This is the feature of Methodist College.

I hope that Methodist College will nurture more and more future pillars for the society. It is extremely crucial for Methodist College to train students to be all-rounders who have pleasant personalities to make contribution to society, regardless of their different qualities. Caring in the MCKLN means that not only should the students be caring in school, but they should also be caring in society. In this way, a caring atmosphere will be created.

Miss Tao Man Lee(Ex Vice-principal)

It was my pleasure to teach in Methodist College for 35 years. The campus has been enlarged for the students to have a great leisure time. Methodist College has given me countless marvelous memories – my struggle and career. My colleagues, principal and I became good friends. I also met some students who have now become pillars of the society. However, they are still nostalgic. Even for now, we usually gather to have meals and chat pleasantly. That makes me feel satisfied and pleased.

“Methodist College is filled with my struggle, dream, career and life” – this best summarizes my stay in Methodist College.

In the past, Methodist College was one of the 100 EMI schools so the academic results of our students were quite good. I hope that Methodist College can maintain its English education since English is such an indispensable language. It is better for students to learn other subjects on the basis of good English after learning English well. With good English knowledge, it is easier for students to study abroad and to stay connected with people around the world. All in all, I hope that both our teachers and students can excel in their occupations.

Mrs. Tang Tsui Kwan Wan(Ex English Panel Head)

I am so glad that Methodist College has a long and remarkable history and has nurtured many outstanding students who have contributed to the society in different duties. I am very proud of them as they have great success in their careers.

In my past teaching experience, there were some naughty students who always skipped lessons. To me, that was a really unforgettable memory. Also, the school campus had the deepest impression in my mind because the facilities were not so perfect and the size of the campus was not as vast as now. For example, there used to be a ‘roof classroom’ on the fifth floor which is now a relaxing and well-equipped library. In the past, the facilities of the school were relatively poor, but now the campus has changed a lot with better teaching materials and environment.

At last, I am so grateful that I have met a lot of caring and helpful colleagues and brilliant students. I am delighted that we still have a close relationship which is just like a big and warm family. I hope that the school can improve and extend the campus in order to boost students in different aspects.

Ms. Szeto Suk Han Halena (Ex Principal 1980-1994)

I can’t think of any other words to describe my feeling except joyful and gleeful because I can meet many of my past colleagues and students in this mirthful alumni dinner. It is also blissful for me to witness the enormous growth of Methodist College throughout these 55 years.

I am not able to tell any of my memorable and unforgettable experience since there are many of them that you cannot count them by only using two hands. However, I think that I have built a good and close relationship with the students.

At last, I hope that the school can continue to spread the spirit of unity and family to every student.

Mr Paul Butler White (Net teacher 2003-2008)

I have been teaching students in this school for 5 years and it’s very nice to be back to Methodist College again. I remember the most special thing I’ve experienced in Methodist College is having lunch with all my F.3 students. That’s new to me as students don’t do that in Australia.
Nevertheless, congratulations to Methodist College for its 55th Anniversary. I hope students will work hard, and be the best they can be.

Mr.Lok Ka Shui ( graduated in 1969)

I’m so glad I can be here on this very day. I’m here to congratulate the 55th anniversary of my secondary school. I used to be the president of the Student Union. Now I’m a staff member of the alumni committee. I’m so proud of Methodist College and I wish all the best to it. I hope my school brothers and sisters can broaden their horizons, attain terrific academic result, and have a bright future.

Mr.Chan Siu Wai (graduated in1971)

It’s my pleasure to come here and celebrate Methodist College’s 55th “birthday”. Founder’s day was always my favourite day when I was in Methodist College. It’s amazing that the school has developed so well and I’m thrilled to see my school brothers and sisters finishing their school and getting into universities one by one. I hope that students will work hard, putting efforts in their studies and never give up.

Mr.Mui Chi On (graduated in 1985)

I’m so happy that I’m here and to see my school is in its 55th glorious year. It’s good to see my old friends and teachers. I am a chief executive officer of my lunch company and I’m proud to say my organic farm is authenticated in the whole Hong Kong territory. The secret for my success today is to treat your colleagues or subordinates well. Also setting goal is very important in starting a business. I hope my school fellows can learn the ways of getting along well with people. That’s the most important thing in society.

It was surely a memorable night to witness the growth of the college with so many inspiring mentors enlightening us. Let’s strive hard to preserve our age-old tradition of fostering a loving and caring campus!
  • Ms Mo Hoi Ling with our student reporter
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