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In an attempt to raise funds for campus improvement, a brand new Fun Fund Raising Day was held on 19th December, 2013. A variety of fund-raising activities were held by different form associations to foster team spirit. Donation boxes were circulated in each class to raise funds and the highest donating class would get $1000 for class activities.

Highlights of F.3 Form Activity
By Rico Tang(3R)

Form 3 students enjoyed in a variety of games as a fund raising form activity. Through active participation in different entertaining games organized by the form association, student representatives showed unity and strength of their classes.
By playing games from the famous show-Movie Buff Championship, such as 1-100 and ‘big television’, each class representative took turns to play the games in front of the whole form. Participants brought laughter and joy to every teacher and student on the occasion. Everyone enjoyed the games. This was absolutely a great chance for F3 students to have fun together and to mark the start of the Christmas holiday. 3W, who took part enthusiastically in the games, scored the highest in the session. Congratulations to 3W!

Highlights of F.2 Form Activity
By Jodie Wong(2R)

Christmas is coming and we are surrounded by joy and blessings. Today, was Fun Fund Raising Day, and a lot of exciting games that were prepared by the Form Association were ready to be played. All the schoolmates in our form joined eagerly. It was a memorable day.

Firstly, we had a quiz show. Although the questions were challenging, our schoolmates still tried their best to answer to score for their classes. Then, a newspaper throwing competition was held. In this game, newspaper was rolled into balls and two teams played a game just like volleyball. All the representatives from different classes were energetic in throwing the newspaper to the other side. The contestants cooperated very well and the teamwork was great. The spectators cheered so hard and the atmosphere was cheerful!
Also, there was a game called "The Great Wall". Students had to pass a pingpong ball by using a piece of A4 paper to a certain destination. The fastest team would be the winner. All the teams tried to complete the challenge in a flash. Sometimes, the ball fell down, then the team had to pass the ball again from the starting point. However, the team members didn't complain. They just tried their best with a never-give-up spirit and everybody was cooperative!

Lastly, the day came to an end with a game which was called 'Water Pouring'. This was a game to test our balance. All the participants had to hold a cup on a plate which was full of water and the water was not allowed to spill from the cup. The class which was the fastest to finish the whole game and didn’t spill any water outside was the winner. All the people were so eager to join and tried very hard. After the competition started, screaming and shouting was everywhere. All of our hearts were racing and we were all so thrilled.

On this Fun Fund Raising Day, our Form Association put in a lot of effort to prepare a variety of fantastic games for us. Although there were some difficulties, the teachers helped us to solve the problems. It was an enjoyable, fabulous and remarkable day.

We all look forward to having such a meaningful occasion for us to showcase our creativity and show our love to our beloved Methodist College!
  • The hilarious F.3 Fun Fund Raising Day game show!
  • Students are playing games invented by the Super Trio Series.
  • Students are playing games invented by the Super Trio Series
  • Schoolmates wait anxiously for the game to start.
  • Active participants in the “The Great Wall” game.
  • Everyone energetically passes the ball.
  • Participants hold the cups carefully and walk fast.
  • Holding the cup cautiously.