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November symbolized a brand new start and also a satisfactory ending to Methodist College. On November 2nd, 2013, the thanksgiving service and prize-giving ceremony was held to celebrate the 55th anniversary of Methodist College. Our principal, Miss Wong, supervisors, guests of honour and teachers entered the church with the warm welcome of scouts and pleasant music played by our school orchestra.
With the massive blessings of God, Methodist College has overcome different challenges and difficulties. With the help and unity of principals and teachers, Methodist College has provided high quality education and learning opportunities for students in order to train them as all rounded individuals. We expressed our gratitude to God for his company and help throughout the past 55 years. We also prayed for his guidance for our future.
We were delighted to have our principal, Miss Wong to give us the annual school report. This year, our school has made remarkable progress in various areas such as academic results, life education, extra-curricular activities and even improvements to the school campus. She reminded and encouraged us to be modest, caring and knowledgeable leaders of the new era.
It was our honor to have the address by our guest Professor Lee Chi Kin John, JP.
His address encouraged us to fully develop our talents so as to become motivated, kind-hearted quality leaders.
There were three scholarships which were newly added this year. Over seventy scholarships were presented to hard working students in a variety of areas. Moreover, five teachers were awarded the Long and Dedicated Awards. They received the awards from our principal with the applauses and best wishes of students and teachers.
Finally, the ceremony ended with a benediction given by Reverend Chan Tak Cheong and the singing of our college hymn. With the glory and blessings of God, we look forward to a fruitful and joyful year in Methodist College.
By Wong Ching Wai 3R
  • Principal Ms. Wong Pui Yi gives the speech.
  • Reverend Chan Tak Cheong gives the benediction.
  • Reverend Yuen presents the Long and Dedicated Service Awards.
  • The Guest of Honour Professor Lee Chi Kin John, JP.