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Are you looking for a way to give a helping hand to others? Besides joining the flag-selling day or being a volunteer, you can join the Blood Donation Day!

This year, the Blood Donation Day was held on the 4th of October. Fifty people participated in this meaningful event, including teachers and students. This event is aimed to give blood for the welfare of all patients who are in need. Guess what? You can save around 3 to 4 lives by giving 350ml to 450 ml of blood! Blood is such an amazing thing, isn’t it?
Is giving blood painful? I understand that most of you may be afraid of donating blood because you think the needle is painful. To be honest, I thought the same thing. However, when I remembered that many patients are suffering illness and are calling for my support, I overcame my fears, summoned all my courage and took the plunge. Trust me - it really isn’t all that painful at all!
Are you interested in donating blood? If you have good health, weigh over 41kg and are aged between 16 and 60, you are qualified! What are you waiting for?Don't hesitate! Give blood to the Red Cross!
Kathy Li 4G
  • We felt no fear in joining this “red-letter day”.
  • Our principal, Ms Emily Wong showed her support.
  • Teachers were welcome to join the event!
  • Mr. Lam rocks back like a blood donating rock star!
  • Let's support the meaningful event!