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On Tuesday the 12th of November, three form 3 students had the chance to record an interview with RTHK Radio 3 presenter Alyson Hau for Teen Time Radio. Jasmine Fok, Christy Kwan and Myra Fong from 3W went to the recording studios in the afternoon, met Alyson Hau and experienced an authentic recording session.

The students were asked to prepare for the interview by thinking of a topic that they would like to discuss. Jasmine, Christy and Myra chose to talk about teen problems including peer pressure, bullying, exams and family. Miss Hau welcomed the students and explained to them all of the procedures that would ensure the recording was fun and clear. Each girl was asked to test their microphones and to warm up their voice by reading their script. Miss Hau then explained that the interview would be free flowing and that no script would be needed. Jasmine, Christy and Myra were very excited by this prospect!

The interview ran quite smoothly and the Methodist College students were able to chat casually enough with Alyson. It can’t be easy to chat so casually when the red recording light is on and you know that your interview will actually be on the radio for the public to hear. The interview will be broadcast from 9-10pm on February the 5th, so if you have the chance to listen, tune into Radio 3 Teen Time Radio with Alyson Hau and Jasmine, Christy and Myra.

Good job, well done!

Click here to listen to the interview!
  • Christy, Myra & Jasmine
  • Christy, Myra & Jasmine with Alyson Hau of Teen Time Radio