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The 54th Annual Sports Day kicked off in a carnival-like atmosphere with students filling the stands to sing the school song. As with the previous years, the 54th Sports Days were held at Sham Shum Po Sports Ground on the 11th and 12th of September, 2013. All athletes tried their best to excel with the same kind of enthusiasm and commitment as the cheer groups.

The sports day started with two inspiring speeches from our principal, Miss Wong, and the guest of the opening ceremony, Johnny Tang, who is a worker from Kowloon Methodist Church. They appreciated our spirit in cheering and encouraged us to do our best, to cherish our friendship and to learn to respect and appreciate others.

Apart from the track and field events, another highlight during the sports day was that the Best Cheering prize was awarded to two different houses. This rarely happens so the excitement and jubilation amongst the two winning houses was high. Green House (Tung Sheh) and Blue House (Yi Sheh) received prizes from the principal. We can best see respect and appreciation from Methodist College’s students by their heartfelt congratulations to all the prize winners.

At the end, our principal Miss Wong and our guest, Mr. Johnny Tang gave us a touching and encouraging speech. As usual, The SU chairperson led us to sing our school hymn which brought us to the end of our 54thAnnual Sports Day.