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12th of July marked a remarkable day for all students of Methodist College as the End of Term Ceremony and the F.6 Graduation Ceremony. Not only was it an unforgettable moment for prize winners as they came up on stage to receive their awards as the fruit of their labor, but it was also a momentous occasion for all Form Six students as it was the day that marked their official graduation from the college.
The theme of the ceremony was “Our Transformation,” highlighting the changes Form Six graduates experiencing in the college. We were honored to have Reverend Yuen Tin Yau and Reverend Chan Tak Cheong Wilson as the guests of honor to present the certificates. As it was the first time for Form Six graduates to run the whole ceremony ranging from publication to hosting the ceremony, it was surely a proud moment to be remembered as each dressing in academic gown went up on stage to receive their certificates of graduation. Parents of graduates were also invited to witness the special moment of their wards. During the ceremony, snapshots of their precious moments in Methodist College were shared during the ceremony. Student representatives also delivered a sincere farewell speech to convey their gratitude to the college. The ceremony ended with a tea reception for all graduates and parents.
This was surely a day to be remembered. Let’s send our warmest blessing to our batch of Hei Sheh graduates!